The Pathway to Liberty
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9900-9904 Peter Sergautis

Sargautis-Juzeliunas family

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9895-9899 Pearl Seferian

Misak Seferian

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9860-9864 Pearl Seferian

Apel Seferian

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9857-9859 Anthony Muszynski

Franciszek and Zofia Muszynski

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9852-9856 Jozef Mader Jr & Anne Ladouceur

In Memory of our father Jozef Mader.
Jozef Mader was one of 6 children of Anastazia and Frantisek Mader.  He was born in the small village of Mast, close to Bratislava in Slovakia.  Jozef was an idealist and a dreamer and always strived for a better life for himself and his family. 
As a young man, in 1952, living in communist-oppressed Czechoslovakia, he and his buddies devised a plan to run away to Canada....

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9847-9851 Christina Lofts

In honour of my Mother;
Veronica (Weronika) Szkwarek Kwasniewski, who was deported with her Jozef and Magdalena Szkwarek family, on February 10, 1940, to a Siberian forced labour camp.

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9842-9846 Anonymous Read More
9841 Stephen J. Harper Read More
9838-9840 Thoi Bao Community Fund

In memory of the Victims of the communist re-education camps.

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9835-9837 Sheng Xue

In memory of my father ZANG, Pengnian

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9833-9834 Zenta Kulberg Read More
9832 Walter Friesen Read More
9827-9831 South VNAF Veteran Association of Central California

In memoy of Mr. Duong Hung Cuong

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9822-9826 Roger Barliszen

In memory of Vasyl Dudczak.
Vasyl Dudchak grew up in a village near Tarnopil, Ukraine.   The village had been part of Polish territory from 1919 until the region was taken over by the communist Soviet Union in September, 1939.  Forced collectivization occurred until Nazi Germany invaded in June, 1941.  
Vasyl was transported to Germany to work in a factory, work which proved to be very arduous.    After the close of the war,...

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9821 George Kipel Read More
9820 Alexei Jernov

In honour of all Victims of Communism.

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9819 Alexei Jernov Read More
9814-9818 Henry Ciszewski

In memory of my parents Jan and Josephine Ciszewski

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9809-9813 Anonymous

In memory of Jiang Jielian
In memory of Jiang Jielian (蒋捷连), 17 years old.  Died of gun fire, among the 10,000 plus civilians brutally murdered at night of June 3rd, 1989, when Chinese communist government troops with assault rifles and tanks fired at un-armed civilians and peaceful demonstrators in and along the roads leading to Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

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9808 Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic in Exile


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9807 Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Read More
9806 Belarusian Canadian Alliance Read More
9801-9805 Mark and Kim Lukasik

In memory of Sabina Dobosz

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9796-9800 Mark and Kim Lukasik

In memory of Franciszek Gora

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9791-9795 Mark and Kim Lukasik

In memory of Julian Juchniewicz

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9786-9790 Mark and Kim Lukasik

In memory of Helena Juchniewicz

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9781-9785 Mark and Kim Lukasik

In memory of Wladyslaw Juchniewicz

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9776-9780 Mark and Kim Lukasik

In memory of Wladyslaw Lukasik

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9775 Bohdan Walkiw Read More
9770-9774 Kasia Adamiec-Kuhlkamp

In memory of my mother Marta Adamiec

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9765-9769 Vizma Reinholds Sprott Read More
9760-9764 Participating grandchildren: Paavo, Ülo, Elmet, Peep, Aili & Eliot

In memory of our Estonian grandfather,  SERGEI LINDSTRÖM, born January 1, 1888 
In memory of our grandfather who was stopped by the Russians, before WW II,  on the Baltic Sea. The Russians knew that there was going to be a war. They needed ships, so they took our grandfather, his ship & his first mate. The cast and crew were put into lifeboats (they did make it to Estonia to tell of what had happened). Our grandfather did not have an...

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9754-9758 League of Ukrainian Canadians Edmonton Branch

In memory of General Roman Shukhevych (1907 – 1950) who, in 1943,  formed and led the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which fought to rid Ukraine of enslavement from Soviet communist rule.  Shukhevych died in battle with Soviet security forces on March 4, 1950.

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9748-9752 Dr. Ivan Hrvoic

In memory of Bruno Busic.
Bruno Busic was a Croatian writer and critic of Yugoslav communism. He was imprisoned, tortured and later assassinated while in exile in Paris, France. Bruno Busic is one of the best-known victims of UDBA (Yugoslav secret police) killings.

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9743-9747 Dr. Ivan Hrvoic

In memory of Jagica Sisko

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9738-9742 Dr. Ivan Hrvoic

In memory of Jana Jagatic

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9733-9737 Dr. Ivan Hrvoic

In memory of Milka Jagatic

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9728-9732 Dr. Ivan Hrvoic

In memory of Mato Jagatic

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9723-9727 Church of the Croatian Martyrs Read More
9718-9722 Peter Moulson

In memory of my mother Agnes Moulson, a survivor of both the Holocaust and the Communist takeover of Hungary. Canada welcomed my mother as a refugee in 1956.

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9716-9717 Wolodymyr and Irene Gogus Read More
9711-9715 Anonymous

Marica Stankovic
Born in 1900, Zagreb, Croatia, Marica Stankovic prepared herself thoroughly for teaching profession, was the founder of the first secular institute in Croatia, worked as a teacher in many places all over Croatia, also tried her hand as an editor of the journal  "For faith and home".  She was the first woman in Croatia who in 1942. received very highly recognized medal from Holy Father Pope Pio...

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9583-9710 Republic of Croatia Read More
9575-9582 Croatian Catholic Parishes in Canada Read More
9558-9574 Czech Republic Read More
9557 Baltic Artists Association

The Montreal Baltic Artists Association supports the memorial Tribute to Liberty being erected in Ottawa because we share a similar history and fate.
During the horrific events of WW2 lives were lost and destroyed. Families were separated. The singing nations had struggled for centuries because of powers they could not control. When WW1 offered the opportunity to establish independent nations they achieved extemely high standards during 20 plus years. Literacy was among the highest in...

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9553-9556 Ivan and Iva Grbesic

Grgo and Ruzica Perko

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9548-9552 Ivan and Iva Grbesic

Slobodan and Marica Galic

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9543-9547 Ivan and Iva Grbesic

Mirko and Zdenka Grbesic

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9538-9542 Nguyen Thuy Khanh Van

In memory of Vu Ngoc Can

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9533-9537 Natalie Kanbergs and Inese Mazurewicz

In memory of Ruta Tuklers.

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9528-9532 952133 Ontario Inc.

In memory of Tran Thi Nga

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9523-9527 952133 Ontario Inc.

In memory of Venerable Thich Quang Do

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9520-9522 Dagmara T Ziedins

In memory of my father Adolfs Trinits.

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9517-9519 Dagmara T Ziedins

In memory of my mother Valija Trinite

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9467-9516 General Committee of United Croats of Canada Read More
9466 Julia Petruescu

In memory of Jean Arnautu, Boris Cernev and Petea Adescenko, killed by the communist regime in Romania and in the former Romanian province, Bessarabia.

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9461-9465 Adina Cantuniari

Father’s Story The Secret Police took Father during an evening of the 1950 Spring in Bucharest. At the time, Romania was under Russian occupation and the new Communist Party in power was ready to eradicate any opposition or organized resistance.
 As Mother was preparing me for bed—I was 2 years old—, a big commotion started in front of our apartment’s door. Father opened the door and several men stormed in, asking...

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9456-9460 Dr Bui and other MDs

In memory of Dr. Le Minh Tri, MD

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9451-9455 Voth Family

In memory of Tobias & Katharina Voth
Tobias (born 1865, died 1932?) and Katharina Voth (née Reghr, born 1862, died 1921) lived in the German-speaking Mennonite colony of Neu Samara, in Orenburg Oblast. They were successful farmers, and community leaders, with Tobias operating the town mill of their village of Lugowsk and serving as a travelling minister for the church. They had five children, Jakob, Anna, Katarina, Johannes, and...

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9441-9450 Church of the Croatian Martyrs Read More
9437-9440 Tetiana Dzulynsky

Orest and Tetiana Dzulynsky.
As children, both Orest and Tetiana Dzulynsky left what is now Ukraine, during WWII. They left behind large families. These families, their children and grandchildren lived for tens of years under Communism. Though they were not killed, they were victims in the sense that they were economically and psychologically deprived. For years many lived in fear of imprisonment, deportation or abuse, not to speak of opportunities lost.

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9436 Walter Friesen Read More
9434-9435 Sorority Spidola Read More
9433 Robert Martens

In memory of Johann Enns, a Soviet Mennonite who endured and survived 20 years in the Gulag. Imprisoned solely for reasons of religion.

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9428-9432 Jerry & Denise Tmej

In memory of Victor Bulava. Mr. Bulava was a post-war refugee from Czechoslovakia who ecaped along with Jerry Tmej and other freedom seeking expats.

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9310-9427 Jerry & Denise Tmej Read More
9285-9309 John Mierins Read More
9280-9284 Nguyen Van Phep

In memory of Dr. Tran Anh, MD

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9054-9279 Linda Frum and Howard Sokolowski Charitable Foundation Read More
9051-9053 Alide and Talis Forstmanis

In Loving Memory: Laima Veckalne, 1922-2012
Laima Veckalne’s Story: A Tale of Forgotten Soviet CrimesBy Edgar B. | 6/8/2001IN 1940, the U.S.S.R. invaded and occupied Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. This month marks the sixtieth anniversary of the first mass deportations from the Baltic states, when the Soviets arrested more than 60,000 people in June 1941 and sent them to prisons and labor camps in Northern Russia and Siberia. What follows is...

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9050 Margaret Ann

Dedicated to our mother and father, Susanna (Siemens) Klassen and Waldemar Klassen.
Donated by Walter and Rita Klassen, Henry Klassen, Margaret Ann, Elsie K. Neufeld, Ernie Klassen, Rob and Charlotte Lepp. 
Dedicated to our mother and father, Susanna (Siemens) Klassen and Waldemar Klassen who from the time of their birth were subject to the terrorism and devastation of Stalin's ruthless communist regime in Ukraine. While many family members perished, our...

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8875-9049 The Linda Frum and Howard Sokolowski Charitable Foundation Read More
8870-8874 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Sr. Regina Milas

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8865-8869 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Fr. Petar Perica

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8860-8864 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Stjepan, Tatjana & Rosemarie Sevo

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8855-8859 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Dr. Ivan Protulipac

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8850-8854 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Dinka Domancinovic

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8845-8849 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Vjenceslav Cizek

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8840-8844 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Nikola Martinovic

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8835-8839 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Cvitko Cicvaric

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8830-8834 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Damir Durekovic

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8825-8829 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Mate Milicevic

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8820-8824 Croatian Foundation of Windsor

In memory of Alojzije Stepinac

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8815-8819 Gunars Subins

In memory of Arvids and Vilija Zandersons

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8810-8814 Gunars Subins

In memory of Olgerts and Elma MIniats

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8805-8809 Gunars Subins

In memory of Janis Cers

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8800-8804 Gunars Subins

In memory of Ilze Zommers

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8795-8799 Gunars Subins

In memory of Bruno Bramanis

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8790-8794 Gunars Subins

In memory of Erna Norvilis

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8785-8789 Gunars Subins

In honour of Ansis and Mudite Berzins

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8780-8784 Gunars Subins

In memory of Alberts and Dzidra Taube

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8775-8779 Gunars Subins

In memory of Talivaldis Kronbergs

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8770-8774 Gunars Subins

Gunars Subins

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8765-8769 Valentina Kuryliw

In memory of Ivan and Nadia Mychajlowskyj

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8739-8764 Church of Croatian Martyrs Read More
8734-8738 Alvin Suderman

In tribute to my uncle Abram Wiebe
Abram Wiebe
I was born in Canada in 1943 and have never met my uncle Abram Wiebe.  As a youngster, I heard about him frequently from my mother when she would tell me stories about her early life in Russia (now Ukraine).  When I visited relatives, they would often look at me and comment on how much I looked like Uncle Abram....

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8608-8733 Anonymous

In honour of Korean War Veterans of Canada

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8601-8607 Croatian National Home, Hamilton

In tribute to Monsignor Stjepan Šprajc, founding Pastor of Holy Cross Church in Hamilton.
He was not permitted to enter the seminar in communist Yugoslavia. In order to respond to his calling, he escaped his native Croatia and entered the Seminary in Italy. He arrived in Hamilton in the early fifties and founded Holy Cross Croatian parish in 1958. He died in 1986, never having returned to the land of his birth.

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8596-8600 Victor Siemens

In memory of Sarah Derksen Siemens

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8591-8595 Ruth Derksen Siemens and Harold Derksen

In memory of Johann and Katherina (Regier) Derksen, victims of communism.
 Our paternal grandparents, Johann and Katherina (Regier) Derksen were born in Russian Mennonite villages of the Molotschna Colony (present-day Ukraine) in the 1890s. With their parents, they moved to the Northern Caucasus region and married in 1918. In the early days of their marriage they endured the upheaval of the Russian Revolution and survived the ...

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8590 Ante Bubic Read More
8582-8589 Church of the Croatian Martyrs Read More
8577-8681 Margaret (Siemens) Braun

In memory of Heinrich Siemens
I was eight years old when my father was arrested. My Father was taken on February 3, 1938.---Heinrich Siemens and two of his brothers were arrested.The night father was arrested, the family said evening prayers as usual. We prayed as we had been taught and then went to bed. However, even this act, if someone reported it, was considered an act of treason, punishable by a sentence of five to ten years of...

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8576 Connie Braun

In memory of Peter Letkeman
 Peter Letkeman(n), born in Ukraine, March 13, 1931, youngest son of Jakob and Maria Lekemann, who survived communism, and remembers. There was another famine throughout Russia in 1932 to 1933. “All farmers were to surrender the harvest to the economic plan, sparing none of the grain for their hunger.” Indeed, information gathered since the late 1980s has begun to identify the famine of 1932-33 in Ukraine as...

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8571-8575 Connie Braun

In memory of the Family of Jakob and Maria Letkemann, who survived Communism, but never forgot. In the summer of 1930, in the Slavgorod colony, there is a mass arrest that includes preachers, choir directors, and anyone connected with religion or church. The two hundred prisoners – men, women, and families with children, bewildered and terrified – are tightly packed into waiting train cars on that summer day.Jakob receives a directive from the...

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8570 Louise Price

In memory of the family of Katherina and Jacob Janzen In the summer of 1931, our great-grandfather Jacob Janzen, his wife Katherina (Pauls) and their sons Heinrich, Wilhelm, Peter and Johann were arrested and banished to a work camp in northern Siberia as part of Stalin’s dekulakization program. Forced to cut trees in the brutal conditions without adequate food or clothing, Jacob, Katherina and sons Heinrich and Wilhelm died in the winter of...

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8565-8569 Louise Price

In memory of our grandparents, Johann (1892-1938?) and Justina Sawatzky (1894-1986)
Eighty years ago, during the night of February 1, 1938, the Black Raven police cars came into the Mennonite village of Nieder Chortitza in Ukraine. Word spread quickly. Johann suspected he would be among those arrested. He took his guitar and he sang the hymn, “Take thou my hands, O Father, and lead thou me.” When the knock at the door came, he turned to Justina...

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8564 J John Palimaka

In memory of my paternal grandfather Jan who died far from his homeland as a consequence of the forced deportations from Eastern Poland carried out by the Red Army and NKVD of the Soviet Union in 1940. At the outbreak of World War II in September 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Western Poland and the Soviet Union invaded Eastern Poland under a secret agreement (the Molotov-Ribberntrop pact). In February 1940 thousands of Polish families were taken in the early morning from...

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8559-8563 Vizma Reinholds Sprott

In memory of the Reinholds family

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8558 Janko Granic Read More
8557 Drago Komsic Read More
8556 Croat Catholic Association Montreal Read More
8555 Ante Duvnjak Read More
8554 Milan Zalac Read More
8548-8553 Croat Catholic Association Montreal Read More
8543-8547 Trustees of the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Nicholas Tavelich

Trustees of the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Nicholas Tavelich

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8540-8542 Senator Thanh Hai Ngo

The Boat People
Nguyen Ngoc Huy
Mr. Nguyen left Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975 as a refugee. He became a professor and lived most of his life in France. He is the founder of the Alliance for Democracy in Vietnam (ADV). He has since passed away.

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8535-8539 Pham Do Kim

In memory of my father Do Duc Tho
In Memory of Mr. ĐỔ ĐỨC THỌ
The victim of Communism (1907-1964) - Life Summary
  In 1945, Mr. Đổ worked for the Ha Noi post office. In 1946, the Viet Minh Communist Party put Mr. Do in jail citing that he had the Bachelor of Science majority BS International History and Politics at the University of Marseille, France and worked for the French government. The Viet Minh...

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8530-8534 Erik Kuttis

In memory of the Kamarik Family.

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8330-8529 Croatian Catholic Parishes in Canada Read More
8325-8329 Rev. Peter & Olenka Galadza

In memory of Rt. Rev. Roman and Irene Galadza

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8324 Dagmara T Ziedins Read More
8318-8323 Le Ngoc Minh

In memory of Le Ngoc Long

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8313-8317 Lithuanian Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

The Rev. Erikas Leijeris
Born 1906.01.18 and executed by the communists 1951.12.31  

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8309-8312 V Raymond Novak

In memory of my father Vlastimil Robert Novak

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8194-8308 Ukrainian Canadian Congress National Read More
8193 Walter Friesen Read More
8191-8192 Toronto Latvian Association Read More
8186-8190 Ha Xuan Sinh

In memory of Mrs Nguyen Thi Hoang

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8181-8185 Olev Maimets

In memory of my grandfather Enn Urbalu
"My grandfather was taken from his home at Kesk-Luha 2-1 in Tallinn Estonia at 3 a.m. on 1 July 1941 by the KGB. That was the last time he was ever seen. He was 46 years old, married, and the father of two children. His crime was that he had been a lieutenant colonel in the Estonian Army in charge of the battalion stationed at the summer residence ...

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8180 Nguyen, Duc Tan

In memory of all non-commissioned officers of the Republic of Vietnam’s Rangers who were the victims of communism after the April 30, 1975 event.

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8179 Ho, Cong Binh

In memory of all anonymous freedom fighters of the Republic of Vietnam, who were victims of communism after the April 30, 1975 event.

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8054-8178 The Republic of Estonia Read More
8049-8053 Geoffrey and Linda Boole

In memory of Peteris Prikass
Smiltene, Latvia
For the love of country and freedom

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8044-8048 Walt Luchkiw

In memory of my parents John and Helen Luchkiw (nee: Marchuk) as victims of Communist oppression and my mother as a survivor of the Holodomor Famine instituted by the Stalinist regime during the years 1930- 1933.
During the war years (1939-45) our parents were interred as slave labourers in Germany. They have since passed away in the country they loved dearly, Canada.

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7918-8043 Taiwan Read More
7917 The Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ General Association

In memory of Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ Force, Lt. TRINH CHAU who was executed by Viet Cong in the prison at Go Ca, Hoi An on 14th of June, 1980.

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7916 The Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ General Association

In  memory of Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ Force , Capt. ĐOAN VAN XUONG who was tangled to death by Viet Cong in the detention centre.

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7915 The Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ General Association

In memory of Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ Force, Capt. VU NGOC PAUL HO who was executed by Viet Cong while being held in the “Re-education Camp” in 1975 at Long Xuyen.

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7914 The Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ General Association

In memory of  Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ Force, Major QUACH HONG QUANG who was executed by Viet Cong while imprisoning in the “Re-education Camp” on the 10th of April, 1976.

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7913 The Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ General Association

In memory of  Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ Force , Major TRAN ĐINH TU who was executed by Viet Cong (VC) at Cu Chi on April 30th, 1975.

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7908-7912 The Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ General Association

In memory of Gen. Tran Van Hai                (1925-1975)
 Brigadier General Tran Van Hai was born in 1925 in Go Cong, South Viet Nam. He graduated from the Vietnamese National Military Academy, Class of Seventh (Ngo Quyen), ranked as 1st Lieutenant in 1953.
During 22 years of services in Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces, Lt. Tran had...

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7902-7907 Ho Si Hung

In memory of Ho Chau

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7897-7901 Tran Thai Hoa

In memory of Tran Van Quang (1959-1999)

Van-Quang Tran, born on March 4, 1959, in Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen, Vietnam, was an honest, kind and generous catholic young man. Towards his family, parish, and the society, he displayed a remarkable responsibility.
After graduating from University of Economics in 1982, Quang began working for the Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern of Vietnam, which has belonged to the Ministry of Agriculture. Two years later, he was...

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7892-7896 Reet Lambur & Viiu Kanep

In memory of Rein Kanep, our father, born August 24, 1907. He worked in the Pärnu political police unit. On December 18, 1940, he was arrested by the NKVD and imprisoned in Pärnu. He was charged with counter-revolutionary activities by a tribunal on July 28, 1941, resulting in the death penalty. He was then transported to Tallinn and on to Kirov. There he was shot on September 1, 1941.

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7887-7891 Biruta Platups

In memory of Arturs Platups
My husband’s father, deported June 14, 1941, and as former officer of the Army, shot in April 1942, in Siberia.

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7883-7886 Luong Huynh, LH Pharma Relief Ltd.

In memory of Huynh Huu Luong

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7878-7882 2051821 Ontario Inc.

In memory of Lt. Col. Nguyen Kim Cat

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7873-7877 952133 Ontario Inc.

In memory of Lt. Huynh Quang Nghia

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7868-7872 952133 Ontario Inc.

In memory of Col. Nguyen Dinh Bao

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7863-7867 952133 Ontario Inc.

In memory of Gen. Pham Van Phu

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7857-7862 1st Class/ Dalat Political - Warfare College, Viet Nam

Captain QUÁCH DƯỢC THANH (1942-1979)
Quach Duoc Thanh was born in 1942 at the City of Rach Gia, Province of Kien Giang. He attended and graduated from the Nguyen Trung Truc High School. He also graduated from the Vinh Long Pedagogy School in 1957.
In 1966, the war in Vietnam escalated to its peak of violence, the young teacher volunteered to join the army. He passed the assessment exam and was admitted...

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7855-7856 Ly Tran Read More
7850-7854 Nguyen Tri

In memory of Nguyen Thi Chung

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7845-7849 Ha Xuan Sinh

In memory of Hoang Si Tuan

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7840-7844 Pham Thanh Thanh and Dr. Bui Thanh Nghia

In memory of Tran Van Van

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7834-7839 Tran Ngoc Anh

In memory of Tran Thang Tai


By Tran Ngoc Anh

Tran Thang Tai was born on February 8, 1945 and had worked for the S.3 Office...
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7829-7833 Mihkel Voore Read More
7824-7828 Jacqueline Dunal

When I was growing up the everyday wonders and curiosity of childhood were eclipsed by the harsh realities of life. The ubiquitous secrets and lies of communism made my head spin, social problems prevailed, and empty stores were the rule, never the exception.
 As the saying goes, it seems like only yesterday that the pervasive repression and economic and political struggles of the system became almost intolerable for so many...

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7819-7823 Jacqueline Dunal

In memory of my grandmother Julia Wielicka.

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7814-7818 Jacqueline Dunal

In memory of my grandfather Stanislaw Wielicki.

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7809-7813 Jacqueline Dunal

In memory of Jan Boleslaw Manderla.

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7804-7808 Jacqueline Dunal

In memori of my mother Eva J. Manderla, neé Wielicka.

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7696-7803 The Republic of Latvia Read More
7691-7695 Willi Ristau

Willi Ristau

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7591-7690 Canadian Polish Congress Read More
7585-7590 Doan Thi Tam & Friends

Commemorating Professor Nguyễn Ngọc Bích (by friends of Prof. Nguyễn Ngọc Bích in the “Assembly for Democracy)
Professor NGUYEN NGOC BICH (1937-2016) was born in Hanoi. A patriot who has worked tirelessly for the cause of Vietnam, professor Bich has devoted his whole life serving and upholding the principle of sovereignty for his motherland, fighting for freedom and human rights for his less fortunate and persecuted...

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7584 G. Nguyen Read More
7579-7583 Nguyen Thi Ngu

In honour of Capt. Nguyen Van Binh.

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7578 Thi Minh Tam, DANG Read More
7573-7577 Dariusz Smulski

Dariusz Smulski

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7572 Anonymous Read More
7447-7571 Republic of Georgia Read More
7443-7446 Jerzy Czartoryski

Jerzy Czartoryski

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7438-7442 Stan and Irene Zaborowski

Stan and Irene Zaborowski

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7433-7437 Margus Aruja Read More
7432 Anonymous Read More
7426-7431 Jackie Bong Wright

Jackie Bong Wright

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7421-7425 Biruta Platups & Ilga Breikss

In memory of our mother Marija Verpelis nee Berzins

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7416-7420 Biruta Platups & Ilga Breikss

In memory of our father Julijs Verpelis 

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7415 Valdis Briedis Read More
7410-7414 Dang Van Nghiem

In memory of my brother DANG MINH MAN.

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7405-7409 Vietnamese National Institute of Administration Alumni Group

In memory of Prof. Nguyen Van Bong

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7400-7404 Anonymous #10

In honour of  Vironia Vennad
Members of an Estonian academic organization that has suffered and lost several members to communism during the Soviet occupation of Estonia.

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7395-7399 Siiri Lepp

In memory of my father-in-law, Lieutenant Colonel Jaan Lepp. Lt. Colonel Lepp was a remarkable gentleman, an Estonian patriot and fighter for Estonia's independence.

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7392-7394 Anonymous Read More
7387-7391 Victor Wong

In memory of my grandfather Huang Shu Qing.

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7382-7386 Polish Fraternal Aid Society of St. John Cantius

In memory of Mr. Czeslaw Szczesniak
The Society wishes to recognize and honor  him for his suffering as a Nazi concentration camp prisoner which he miraculously survived. He emigrated to Canada after the World  War II, embraced his new homeland by becoming its proud citizen while remaining connected with his Polish heritage.

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7377-7381 Valentina Kuryliw on behalf of Late Alex and Wira Kanareisky

In memory of Alex and Wira Kanareisky
Alex and Wira lived in the Donbas, the area presently under occupation by Russian troops. Both were survivors of the Ukrainian genocide, the Holomodor of 1932-1933 and witnessed other atrocities as well, such as deportation and incarceration under the Soviet Union. They ended up as DPs in the camps of Germany and immigrated to Canada.

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7352-7376 John Mierins Read More
7347-7351 Polish War Veterans Society of Marshal J. Pilsudski Inc.

In memory of Cursed Soldiers

Read More
7345-7346 Louis & Friends

In Memory of Capt. Nguy Van Tha.

Read More
7342-7344 Polish Combatants Association in Canada, Branch 20 Toronto

Polish Combatants Association in Canada, Toronto

Read More
7337-7341 Vizma Reinholds Sprott

In memory of the Rozentals family

Read More
7332-7336 Ruth Derksen Siemens
To commemorate Peter and Anne Bargen
Submitted by Dr. Ruth Derksen Siemens

Peter Bargen was just seven years old when he and his family narrowly escaped the Russian Gulag and almost certain death. The extended family members who remained in the former USSR were not so...

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7327-7331 Polish Students Initiative of Canada (PISK)

In memory of Jerzy Popiełuszko

Read More
7322-7326 James Bezan

Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (“Holodomor”) Memorial Day ActS.C. 2008, c. 19
Assented to 2008-05-29
An Act to establish a Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (“Holodomor”) Memorial Day and to recognize the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 as an act of genocidePreambleWHEREAS the Ukrainian Famine and Genocide of 1932-33 known as the Holodomor was deliberately planned and executed by the Soviet regime under Joseph...

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7317-7321 Marcin Lewandowski

In memory of my great-grandfather, Franciszek Wladyslaw Kozicki, 1897-1931
Franciszek Wladyslaw Kozicki was born in 1897 in Lviv, Poland (present Ukraine). He fought in the war against the Bolsheviks in 1920, for which he received the Cross of Valour. For many years he had worked as a border guard on the Polish-Czechoslovakian border. In September 1939, following the German invasion of Poland, Franciszek was conscripted to the Polish Army. In October the same year he...

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7312-7316 Nguyen H. Tam & Christine Dang

In memory of Me Nam Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh

Read More
7311 Louis & Friends Read More
7306-7310 Adam Skorek

In Memory of Bronislawa with Stanislaw Skorek and Family

Read More
7301-7305 Le Tuyet

In memory of Gen. Hoang Co MinhCommodore Hoang Co MinhAlthough strength may be different at times,it is present in every generation.
In Binh Ngo Dai Cao (the Great Proclamation upon the Pacification of the Wu), Nguyen Traiasserted that, “The Vietnamese people, despite times of mourning in the wake of destruction,even through times of hopelessness, there are patriots who stand up and bolster the people toprotect the country.”
After April 30, 1975,...

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7298-7300 Dr. Chinh V. Huynh Read More
7295-7297 Tui Menning

In memory of Aino Roorand Menning
Born in Tartu, Estonia, April 14, 1918
Died Kitchener, ON, Canada February 6, 1985

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7294 Dr. Viiu M. Menning Read More
7293 Nicholas Turinski Read More
7288-7292 Jeffrey McMurdo

In memory of John Shafer.
John Shafer, died in 1929 at the age of 9 months, in early December, 1929.  He was sick with measles while the family was in transit accommodation for migrants in Moscow.  It developed into pneumonia just before they departed to begin their journey to Germany and then on to Canada.  He died in the train two hours before they reached the border with Poland.  The authorities took the body and promised to bury him   In...

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7286-7287 Karlis Suns Read More
7284-7285 Vallija Grauds

In memory of Professor Aleksis Dreimanis

Read More
7279-7283 Halya Lypska-Wilson

In honour of my parents Stephan and Yaroslava Lypsky

Read More
7276-7278 Hungarian Canadian Cultural Association of Calgary

Hungarian Revolution 1956 

Read More
7271-7275 Oksana Bashuk Hepburn

In Memory of Bashuk*Leontowych*Zyla

Read More
7266-7270 Stephen J. Harper

In memory of Peter Fechter
Peter Fechter, an 18-year-old bricklayer, is one of the strongest symbols of the killing of a fugitive at the Berlin Wall.He was shot by East German border guards on August 17, 1962. Together with another friend, Helmut Kulbeik, he tried to climb the wall. Severely wounded, he fell back onto the so-called “Death Strip” between the inner and outer wall on the East German side of the...

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7265 Brent Howard Cunningham Read More
7262-7264 Walter Friesen

In memory of Johann Isaak Friesen
Speech by Walter Friesen to the dedication of the Tribute to Liberty Site Dedication.
My father was born in South Russia, now the Ukraine, in a Mennonite village about half way between Zaporozhe and Odessa. The Mennonite community had moved to Russia in the late 1700s and was well established and highly productive in the Russian economy. Most were farmers, industrialists, and educators. This was...

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7259-7261 Tadeusz Stanczak

In memory of Antoni Stanczak

Read More
7251-7258 Thomas V Lavrisa

In Memory of Jože Zdešar

Read More
7246-7250 Robert and Alice Tmej

Stanley and Marie Bernstein

Read More
7244-7245 Maria Shysh

In memory of my grandfather Stefan Szmihelsky (village of Stinka, Buchach Region, Ukraine).
 He, his wife and their three young daughters were sent to Siberia for a 10 year sentence of hard labour in the coal mines in 1944, for my father’s involvement in Ukrainian patriotism. 
My grandfather was very tall (almost 7’) and thin and suffered terrible lung problems from the coal dust over the 10 years. When he was too ill and weak to mine the...

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7242-7243 Brent Howard Cunningham

In memory of brothers Ante and Mate Dubravica.
They were my grandmother's brothers, and were targeted by the communists on false charges.

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7241 Ron Quigley

In memory of my uncle Eddie Quigley.

Read More
7237-7240 George A Ochrym

George A. Ochrym

Read More
7236 Peter W Kryworuk Read More
7235 Gloria and Vlado Vujeva

Gloria and Vlado Vujeva

Read More
7230-7234 Anonymous #3

In memory of Victims of Land Reform in North Viet Nam 1950s'
NGUYEN THI NAM. A victim of Land Reform
The story of Mrs. (Madam) NGUYEN-THI-NAMAuthor: Tran-Gia-PhungTranslator: Timothy Tran 
Under the (Vietnamese) communist regime, there were many cases of people being brutalized, most notably was the case of Nguyen-Thi-Nam in the so-called "Land Reform" of 1953. Before getting to know more about Mrs. Nam ("...

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7225-7229 Anonymous #4

In memory of Maj. TU TON KHAN.
A victim of the Masscre of Mau Than, Hue 1968.
In Memory of Maj. TU TON KHAN          (1931 - 1968)In My Father's Eyes If God were now to grant me a wish, what would I pray for?I would not hesitate for a single moment. I would wish for just one more day with my father, so that my mother could see her husband again and my children could meet their grandfather.But my father is gone and this...

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7220-7224 Anonymous #5

In memory of TRAN VAN BA

Read More
7215-7219 Anonymous #6

In memory of Col. HO NGOC CAN

Read More
7210-7214 Anonymous #7

In memory of Victims of Mortar Attack at Cai Lay Elementary Community School, 1974

Read More
7205-7209 Anonymous #8

In memory of Boat People Exodus 1975-1990's

Read More
7200-7204 Anonymous #9

In memory of the Victims of "Highway of Horror" in Quang Tri, 1972

Read More
7199 Phuoc Nho Truong Read More
7198 Hung Quoc Nguyen Read More
7193-7197 Mr Truong and Friends

In Memory of Little Angel Bui Khanh Linh (1974-1977)
Bui Khanh Linh was one of the youngest victims who died, in the open sea together with her other four family members, during their escape to freedom, by boat.
In the sad night of August 17, 1977, Bui Khanh Linh’s parents Dr. Bui Van Luan MD and Mrs. Dang Tran Tuyet Ngoc, her 4 year old brother Bui Thuyen Ky, and her aunt Dang Thi Minh Tam's lives vanished and disappeared , when their wooden boat was hit and...

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7192 Anonymous Read More
7187-7191 Huynh Thien Ha

In memory of Huynh Thien Ha

Read More
7182-7186 Huynh Thien Ha

In memory of Huynh Huu Tho

Read More
7181 Huynh Huu Luong - LH Pharma Relief Ltd.

Huynh Huu Luong

Read More
7180 Trinh M Vinh Read More
7179 Tran Dinh Read More
7178 Cong Dong NVQG Buffalo USA Read More
7177 Nguyen, Ngoc Diep Read More
7176 Thanh Phat Supermarket Read More
7173-7175 Dieu Quyen, Truc Ho & The Son

In memory of Gen. Nguyen Khoa Nam

Read More
7172 Active Laser Beauty Read More
7167-7171 Do Ky Anh (VOICE Canada)

Lt. Col. Nguyen Thi Hanh Nhon

Read More
7165-7166 Saigon Pharmacy - Vo Thanh Tan Read More
7160-7164 Huynh Thanh Yen, Christine

In Memory of Mr and Mrs Tran Kim-Phan Thi Co

Read More
7159 Khanhdung Vu Nguyen Read More
7158 Elderly Vietnamese Association Read More
7153-7157 Nguyen H. Tam & Christine Dang

In Memory of Vu Thu Hien

Read More
7148-7152 Nguyen H. Tam & Christine Dang

In Memory of Vu Dinh Huynh

Read More
7145-7147 Dieu Quyen, Truc Ho & The Son Read More
7140-7144 Ton That Hung

In memory of the Victims of the Mau Than Massacre, in Hue Tet 1968

Read More
7138-7139 Thoi Bao Community Fund Read More
7137 Phap Van Vietnamese Buddhist Read More
7136 Pho Dau Bo Read More
7135 Hoi Thi Hoang Read More
7130-7134 Hoang Nga

In Memory of Hoang Mai
 I attend the Flag Raising event on the 30th of April, also called "Black April", every year. I am always moved to tears when I remember the beloved sister I lost in 1979, especially during the Minute of Silence.
Before 1975, my sister Hoang Mai was employed by the US defense agency. This made her a victim of persecution and discrimination by the brutal Vietnam communist regime after they took power. The psychological turmoil...

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7128-7129 Brent Howard Cunningham Read More
7123-7127 Ernst Friedel Read More
7122 Steven Blaney Read More
7120-7121 Dr. Chinh V. Huynh

In memory of Gen. Le Van Hung

Read More
7119 Star Pharmacy Read More
7117-7118 Duy P Le Read More
7116 Dr Uyen Nguyen Dentistry Professional Corporation Read More
7112-7115 Thuc Lam Vo - L&P Design

Vo Thuc Lam

Read More
7107-7111 Dr. Le Xuan Dao

In memory of Gen. Le Nguyen Vy

Read More
7102-7106 Polish Canadian Humanitarian Society

Stanislaw and Janina Muszynski nee Chodkiewicz

Read More
7097-7101 Polish Canadian Humanitarian Society

Jozef and Bronislawa Stelmaczonek nee Burda

Read More
7092-7096 Polonia Foundation in Alberta

Mikolaj and Karolina Bereznicki

Read More
7087-7091 Polonia Foundation in Alberta

Wladyslaw and Wanda Szwender nee Godawa

Read More
7070-7086 Michael Yurkovich

Yurkovich family

Read More
7069 John Weissenberger Read More
7068 Tomasz Kmiec Read More
7066-7067 Maria Shysh Read More
7065 Bob & Susan Benzen Read More
7064 Arthur J. Hanger Read More
7063 Byung Kee Min Read More
7060-7062 Polish Canadian Association of Calgary

Jozef Bogucki and Marta Mankowka
Jozef Bogucki and Marta Mankowska both fought in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. The Soviet Army has already advanced into Poland by that time and were within a few kilometres of Warsaw.
The Soviet Army was specifically ordered to not enter Warsaw while the Germans killed over 200,000 combatants and Warsaw residents during the 63 days of the Uprising.

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7053-7059 Polish Combatants Association in Canada, Calgary

Jan and Jadwiga Kraska

Read More
7052 Hungarian Canadian Cultural Association of Calgary Read More
7045-7051 Canadian Polish Congress Alberta Society

Polish immigrants in Alberta who were victims of communism

Read More
7044 Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta Provincial Council Read More
7043 Jung Kil Suh Read More
7042 George Vassilas Read More
7041 Taesung Kim Read More
7035-7040 Barbara Stachulak

In memory of my parents Dr. Victor and Mrs. Jadwiga Szyrynski.

Read More
7034 Terry Chung Read More
7033 Lotus Byoung Yeon Chung

Lotus Byoung Yeon Chung

Read More
7032 Canadian Polish Congress - Vancouver Read More
7031 DBA Kay Mart Read More
7030 Korean Senior Citizens Society Read More
7029 Ted Taik-Woon Jung Read More
7028 Joong Ang Media Ltd. Read More
7027 Eunice Oh Read More
7026 Charlene Milton Read More
7025 M.K. (Mukunghwa) Auto Ltd. Read More
7024 Korean War Veterans Association of Western Canada Read More
7023 Grace Jong Eun Lee Read More
7022 Yong Hoon Lee Read More
7020-7021 Lee Sung Lee (Sandy) Read More
7015-7019 Korean Veterans Association Read More
7010-7014 Jun-Woo Park

Jun-Woo Park

Read More
7005-7009 Dr. P. Jang Inc.

Dr. Paul Jang

Read More
7000-7004 AMJ Pensak Professional Corp.

In honor of Peter E. Seiersen, Corporal

Read More
6999 Tristan Lee Read More
6998 Kim Chinwook Read More
6997 Dong Min Chung Read More
6989-6996 Byong G. Suh

Byong G. Suh

Read More
6981-6988 Newgen Real Estate Development Inc.

In honor of Stanislaw Kulej

Read More
6973-6980 Shin Soon Park

Shin Soon Park

Read More
6969-6972 Olive & Anchor Restaurant Ltd.

In memory of Lisa Bo-Eun Kim

Read More
6965-6968 Olive & Anchor Restaurant Ltd.

In memory of Rick Tae-Le Kim

Read More
6957-6964 Dr. Anthony S.K. Li Inc.

Anthony Li

Read More
6952-6956 William Newton

JP St. Aubin
For all the Korean people who were victims of communist North Korean and Chinese armies during the Korean War 1950-1953.

Read More
6944-6951 Peter Chung

Peter Chung

Read More
6939-6943 Vizma Reinholds Sprott

Vizma Reinholds-Sprott

Read More
6937-6938 David A. Davidson Read More
6327-6936 Government of Hungary Read More
6252-6326 Government of Lithuania Read More
6251 Richard Payne Read More
6250 Richard Bumstead Read More
6249 Herbert Pitts Read More
6247-6248 Robert Orrick Read More
6246 Arthur Lortie Read More
6241-6245 John Bishop

John R. Bishop, Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret.)

Read More
6235-6240 Anonymous Read More
6230-6234 Maria and Bohdan Halkewycz Read More
6225-6229 Maria and Bohdan Halkewycz Read More
6220-6224 Anne Liis Keelmann

In memory of Vilbert and Helmi Tull

Read More
6213-6219 Nguyen Trieu and Nguyen Nghi

Nguyen Nghi

Read More
6208-6212 Nguyen Trieu and Nguyen Nghi

Nguyen Trieu

Read More
6206-6207 Nguyen Trieu and Nguyen Nghi Read More
6203-6205 Nguyen Trieu and Nguyen Nghi Read More
6198-6202 League of Ukrainian Canadian Women

Natalia Talanchuk

Read More
6193-6197 League of Ukrainian Canadian Women

In memory of Teofilia Stachiw

Read More
6188-6192 League of Ukrainian Canadian Women

Anna Burij

Read More
6183-6187 League of Ukrainian Canadians

In memory of Vasyl Solonynka

Read More
6178-6182 League of Ukrainian Canadians

Petro Mycak

Read More
6173-6177 League of Ukrainian Canadians

Hryhoriy Hertchak

Read More
6064-6172 The Czech Republic Read More
6063 Ann Szegedi & Susan van Loon

I was so touched by the news that Canada is planning to build a Memorial to Victims of Communism. Our family was one of the many victims, and my husband, two children and I escaped from Hungary in 1956. Canada was so generous to us and helped us get a new start.
My daughter was only ten when we escaped, but all her life she was curious about the events that led us leave our country and become refugees. I wrote notes in Hungarian, as I remembered them, and she decided to...

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6058-6062 Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

To Murdered Clergy and Faithful of the Belarusian Church
Over two thousand priests and clergy, as well as hundreds of thousands of devoted faithful of the Belarusian Orthodox Christian and other churches and beliefs, were executed, put to death or suffered violent political repressions during the Russian - Soviet occupation of Belarus. 
 Thousands of churches, dozens of monasteries and seminaries were...

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6053-6057 Belarusian Canadian Alliance

To Those Murdered in Kurapaty, Belarus
 Kurapaty, a wooded area that lies on the outskirts of the Belarusian capital Minsk, has for a long time symbolized a horrendous tragedy and extreme sorrow for all those who consider themselves a Belarusian.  Between 1937 and 1941 Kurapaty saw regular mass executions of civilians by the NKVD, Stalin’s secret police, the predecessor of the KGB. Some of those 220,000 “enemies of...

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6048-6052 Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic in Exile

The Red Army took over Belarus in late 1918, less than one year after its declaration of independence following the collapse of the Russian Empire. The position of  Belarus between  Russia and Poland  has made it a crossroads of war and agression.  Political repressions started at the very beginning of the Soviet regime.  Collectivization destroyed Belarus' peasantry. At first Communists...

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6045-6047 Brent Howard Cunningham Read More
6043-6044 Karlis Suns Read More
6037-6042 Peter & Jana Zachar family

The Peter and Jana Zachar Family

Read More
5937-6036 The Linda Frum & Howard Sokolowski Charitable Foundation Read More
5932-5936 Anonymous

In memory of All Forest Brothers.
"Forest Brothers" is the generic name for all partisans that fought Communism in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine from 1943 to 1956.

Read More
5931 Jan Bartl Read More
5929-5930 Brent Howard Cunningham

In loving memory of my family and friends from Croatia and Ukraine who suffered under the scourge of communism.
For those family and friends who made the bold and dangerous decision to flee from those lands, I am forever indebted to you.   Your brave and risky sacrifices lead directly to my birth on this soil, and the consequential freedoms I have benefitted from herein. 
For those family and friends who were not as fortunate; those that perished and suffered the...

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5927-5928 Canadian Czech-Slovak Benevolent Association in Winnipeg

In memory of Ales Brezina

Read More
5925-5926 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada, Winnipeg branch Read More
5924 Ilya Goldenshtein Read More
5923 Dr. Vera M. Kohut

In memory of my grandfather Hryhoriy Grechyn, who was exiled to Siberia from the western Ukraine and died there.

Read More
5922 Stan Benda

In memory of my grandfather Stanislaw Benda. He lost his business and assets in now what is Slovakia.  He told my dad don't come back (my Dad was in Belgium at the time of the 1948 coup).  My grandfather lost friends to the secret police.  And my father's comrades who fought as partisans against the Germans were executed by the Communists.

Read More
5921 Dr. James & Leslie Ann Silvius Read More
5920 Nguyen Van Phep Read More
5915-5919 John Weissenberger

Dedicated to Helene Weissenberger, neé Grün

Read More
5913-5914 Christopher Bloomer

Gizella Kiss

Read More
5908-5912 Nguyen H. Tam & Christine Dang

In memory of Dang Giang Nam

Read More
5903-5907 Arthur J. Hanger Read More
5898-5902 Jose Rodriguez

José Antonio Rodríguez-Porth
He was born on April 7, 1916, in San Salvador, El Salvador, the son of a local pharmacist and a German immigrant from Dresden.  He attended the García Flamenco school, the first non-Catholic private school in his country, because his parents believed in secular education.  He was educated from a young age in the ideals of democracy and rule of law.  In a country where blonde hair is fairly rare, his blonde mane...

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5897 Nguyen Van Phep

In memory of Maj. Nguyen Du Vnaf

Read More
5893-5896 Le Huu Chinh

In memory of Le Van Cai (1969-1987)
In memory of my brother. La Van Cai was born on September 29, 1969. He was a victim of the Vietnamese Communists. In 1987 he escaped from the communists, but was one of the many who lost their lives at sea. Gone but never forgotten.

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5891-5892 Le Huy Anh - Hurontario Pharmacy

Le Huy Anh

Read More
5886-5890 Ted Fujarczuk

In memory of Boleslaw Fujarczuk

Read More
5881-5885 Markus J. Hess

In memory of Juhan and Helmi Kalm

Read More
5874-5880 Joseph Wosk

In honour of Yosef Wosk

Read More
5869-5873 Joseph Wosk

In honour of Morris J. Wosk

Read More
5864-5868 Renata R Jentys

Renata Jentys

Read More
5859-5863 The Knightly Order of Vitez

In memory of Vitez Majlthenyi Laszlo

Read More
5854-5858 Viliam Kun

In memory of Andrej Kun - Svodin
The fate of my father, Andrej Kun, under communism
In the early 1950’s the Czechoslovakian communist regime began to force all farmers to establish cooperatives (in Czech, JZD or kolkhoz). Our family owned 50 acres of land in southeastern Czechoslovakia, close to the village of Svodin, where we lived. My father, like most farmers didn’t want to give up land he had inherited from his forefathers, to join some cooperative...

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5849-5853 Dr. Sylwester Krzaniak

Dr. Sylwester and Danuta Krzaniak

Read More
5844-5848 Stanislaw Kielar

Stanislaw Kielar

Read More
5843 John Mills

Time will pass and people may forget; however, we need to remember the evils of communism to ensure there is never a repeat.  Our thoughts are with the people living with this ridiculous ideology in China, Cuba, North Korea, and Vietnam.  May you soon be free!

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5841-5842 Ona Stanevicius

Elena Gedminas-Stanevicius left Kelme, Lithuania, in 1946, with two children under the age of 4 (Alfonsas and Lione).  Her husband Ipolitas and brother Zigmas had left earlier, so she loaded up 2 wagons of belongings with 4 horses, having no idea where she would end up.  After witnessing horrible slaughters of people caught by Communists, she prayerfully reached Germany, where she met up with her husband and brother.  The family lived in Blomberg, Germany for 3 yrs. where...

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5836-5840 Al and Vida Stanevicius

In memory of the Matukynas-Anskis Families
We have been accustomed to hear many stories of families ripped apart,  their homes invaded at night, parents and children taken to the railroad and thrown into cattle cars. However, a Canadian never having experienced the horrors of war cannot describe the utter sinking of the soul when one searches and finds papers documenting the accusations of a neighbor on his neighbor - my mother’s brother.  After the...

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5831-5835 Michael Nogrady

In memory of my father Mihaly Nogradi.
Our entire family in Szeged suffered under the Communist reign in Hungary after the Soviet occupation in 1945. But none of us felt it more than my father, Nógrádi Mihály, a small landowner, who resided at 13 Mokrini sor. He was taken away on false charges one night in the autumn of 1950 by the Hungarian Secret Police, known as ÁVO [Állam Védelmi Osztály].
It was common practice for the ÁVO to recruit ordinary citizens in all...

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5830 Minhtri Truong

In honour of blogger Dang Chi Hung, a political refugee from Vietnam given asylum in Canada. He was persecuted for his writings denouncing communist crimes.
Crimes committed by the Communists in Vietnam
Under Ho Chi Minh’s leadership, the Vietnamese Communists committed countless crimes and atrocities in the last seventy years in Vietnam.
To my compatriots and myself, the word « freedom » has never been a reality since...

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5829 Grant Harper Read More
5824-5828 United Hungarian Fund

In memory of Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty

Read More
5823 Quoc Tuan Nguyen

In honour of Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, a Lutheran Christian pastor in Vietnam, arbitrarily subjected to harassment since 2003 and imprisonment since 2011 because he refused to renounce his religion.
Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh is now serving an 11 year imprisonment sentence in prison camp An Phuoc, Binh Duong province of Vietnam.
Born on October 10, 1966 in the Highlands of Vietnam, Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh was arrested on April 18, 2011 by the Public...

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5821-5822 Polish Combatants Association in Canada, Toronto Branch Read More
5820 Gerald Pohl Read More
5815-5819 Truong Phuoc Nho

In memory of Master Huynh Phu So
In Memory of His Lordship Huynh of the Hoa-Hao Buddhist Sect.
His Supreme Leader of Hoa-Hao Buddhism (Phật Giáo Hòa Hảo) was born Huynh-Phu-So (Huỳnh Phú Sổ). Born native to the Hoa-Hao village, in the district Tan-Chau of Chau-Doc province, on January 15th, 1920 (Lunar date 25/11, Year of the Goat), he was the son of Huynh-Cong-Bo, Leader of village and Madam Le- Thi-Nham.
At the end of primary...

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5810-5814 Canadian Hungarian Heritage Inc.

Ilona Toth

Read More
5809 Milada Teichmann Read More
5804-5808 Frederick B Sirotek

In memory of my uncle Vaclav Benes, from Mlecice.
He refused to happily hand over the family farm and was sentenced on fake charges to multi-years in uranium mines. When he did not die because of horrendous conditions soon enough, a bullet to his head did the dirty deed.

Read More
5799-5803 Polish Canadian Association of Calgary

Kazimierz Skarzynski

Read More
5794-5798 Polish Canadian Association of Calgary

Anatol Nieumierzycki

Read More
5789-5793 Polish Canadian Association of Calgary

Witold Pilecki

Read More
5784-5788 Polish Canadian Association of Calgary

Battle of Warsaw 1920

Read More
5779-5783 Polish Canadian Association of Calgary

Wladyslaw Niewinski

Read More
5774-5778 National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada

Istvan Szvoboda

Read More
5773 Chris Chesney Read More
5768-5772 The Org. of Veterans of the Polish 2nd Corps of the 8th Army

In honour of Lukasz Juszkiewicz

Read More
5763-5767 The Org. of Veterans of the Polish 2nd Corps of the 8th Army

In honour of Leszek Marczewski

Read More
5758-5762 The Org. of Veterans of the Polish 2nd Corps of the 8th Army

In honour of Boleslaw Chamot

Read More
5753-5757 The Org. of Veterans of the Polish 2nd Corps of the 8th Army

in honour of Lubomir Blicharski

Read More
5748-5752 The Org. of Veterans of the Polish 2nd Corps of the 8th Army

The Veterans of the Polish 2nd Corps of the 8th Army

Read More
5746-5747 Verners Cinis Read More
5745 Jimmy Jiang

The single biggest disaster by communism is not bringing poverty and atrocity to people, but polluting people's spirits and various consequences arising from that.

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5743-5744 Latvian Relief Society of Canada - Hamilton Branch

Edmunds Pulcins

Read More
5738-5742 Czeslawa and Roman Krygiel

In honour of my father Stefan Moniak, sergeant major in Polish Army, who died in Russia (the Urals) May 1, 1941, at the age of 43.

Read More
5733-5737 Pham Hung

In memory of my father Pham Trong

Read More
5732 Jacek Taracha Read More
5731 Jan Klinka

In memory of the victims of the Czechoslovak Communist terror - Dr Milada Horakova and General Heliodor Pika.

Read More
5726-5730 Rasma Stelps-Kirstein

Armands Kirstein

Read More
5721-5725 Rasma Stelps-Kirstein

Rasma Stelps-Kirstein

Read More
5720 Ky-Anh Do

Three worker rights activists:  Mr. Doan Huy Chuong
                                             Mr. Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung
                                             Ms. Do Thi Minh Hanh

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5719 Mirdza Rutulis Read More
5714-5718 Hungarian Canadian Cultural Centre

Marianne Patasi

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5709-5713 Eva Terts

In honour and memory of my father Karl Stern, captain major, born June 2, 1892, killed by communists December 1, 1924.

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5704-5708 The Staškevičius family

In memory of Rev. Jonas Staškevičius 
Rev. Jonas Staškevičius and Stasys Staškevičius were brothers of the late Juozas Staškevičius (1909-2004) of Toronto and the late Bronius Staškevičius (1920-2003) of Montreal, the only two of the Staškevičius family who fled to the west to escape communism.Rev. Jonas Staškevičius (born in 1910) was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1935.  When Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet communist forces during and after the...

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5699-5703 The Staškevičius family

In memory of Stasys Staškevičius
Rev. Jonas Staškevičius and Stasys Staškevičius were brothers of the late Juozas Staškevičius (1909-2004) of Toronto and the late Bronius Staškevičius (1920-2003) of Montreal, the only two of the Staškevičius family who fled to the west to escape communism.

Stasys Staškevičius (born in 1911) was a farmer and married man with a young daughter who felt the need to fight for the freedom of his homeland. He had been an organizer of the Catholic...

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5694-5698 Lithuanian Canadian Community

For the many thousands exiled from Lithuania.
Excerpt: Julija Šukys, Siberian Exile: Blood, War, and a Granddaughter’s Reckoning. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2017.
And so it happened that Ona was alone at 19 Skirgailos Street in Kaunas on the night of June 14, 1941. Normally, four and sometimes five people lived in the Spartan apartment that comprised two rooms, plus a...

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5689-5693 Ramune Jonaitis

Ramune Jonaitis

Read More
5684-5688 Masaryk Memorial Institute Inc.

In memory of Gustav Pristupa

Read More
5679-5683 Jerry and Denise Tmej Read More
5674-5678 Vietnam Veterans Association of Ontario

In honour of General Le Minh Dao
The Republic of Vietnam Veterans Association of Ontario.

Read More
5669-5673 Milan Schiller

Milan Schiller
I was a political prisoner in Czechoslovakia and an active member of the Council for Free Czechoslovakia and of the National Association of Czechoslovakia in Canada.

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5664-5668 Robyn H. Lore Read More
5663 TELUS Corporation Read More
5662 Adam Medon Read More
5657-5661 Estonian Central Council in Canada

In memory of Johan Laidoner.

Read More
5652-5656 Estonian Central Council in Canada

In memory of Jaan Tönison.

Read More
5647-5651 Estonian Central Council in Canada

In memory of Konstantin Päts.

Read More
5646 Marilyn Elliott Read More
5641-5645 Jan and Regina Gasztold

Paul Gasztold

Read More
5636-5640 Jan and Regina Gasztold

Edward Jan Gasztold

Read More
5631-5635 Jan and Regina Gasztold

Jan and Anna Gasztold

Read More
5626-5630 Jan and Regina Gasztold

Regina Gasztold

Read More
5621-5625 Jan and Regina Gasztold

Jan K. Gasztold

Read More
5616-5620 Truong Bach Yen

In memory of Viet Khang Vo Minh Tri
In honour of musician Viet Khang (Vo Minh Tri) who is currently detained in Z30A Xuan Loc reeducation camp, because of his songs protesting the communist government’s repression of dissident voices in Vietnam.
Vo Minh Tri, born 1978 in My Tho City, Tien Giang province, was already well-known in Vietnam as a drum player in the Tien Giang orchestra and composer of songs for the young generations since graduating from...

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5611-5615 Selma Pihel

In tribute to my brother Erald Lindstrom.

Read More
5606-5610 Selma Pihel

In tribute to my sister Ida Lindstrom Lepp.

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5600-5604 Antoni and Terenia Dorcey

In Memory of Stanislav Plucinski and Janina Plucinska.
In memory of our Polish family who were living in Poland when the Russian
Communists invaded our homelands in September 1939. My father, Stanislaw Plucinski,
was arrested and imprisoned without trial for 16 months before being sentenced to 8
years hard labour in Siberia. He was released under the amnesty of August 1941 to join
the Polish II Corp and serve through the war but died in 1948 as a...

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5595-5599 Renata Roman

In memory of Rev. Ivan Romanchukewych.

Read More
5590-5594 Toivo Holsmer

Toivo Holsmer

Read More
5589 Ariadne Ligurs

In memory of the victims of Communist Russia.

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5584-5588 The Kolga family

In memory of Eduard Kolga.
Returning To The Gulag To Face the Scars of Soviet Terror
By Marcus Kolga
I can't remember exactly how I asked my 90 year old grandfather Eduard -10 years ago- if he would join me and return to the Gulag camp that he managed to escape from in 1942. Did I tell him that the journey would be the equivalent of a round trip road journey between Toronto and Miami? Did I warn him that dodgy hotels...

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5579-5583 The Dr. Pierre Ninh Van Tu family

The Dr. Pierre Ninh Van Tu family

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5511-5578 Government of Latvia Read More
5509-5510 Alfs Udris

In memory of Alfs and Astrida Udris.

Read More
5504-5508 Drs. Vitauts and Ilze Kalnins

Drs. Vitauts and Ilze Kalnins

Read More
5499-5503 Doan-Thuy-Nguyen Khuong

In memory and honour of my late father, Nguyen Khuong Quan, who sacrificed and fought hard for our safety, freedom, opportunity and hope.

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5494-5498 Drs. Do and Kim Truong

Dedicated to all the victims of the atrocities endured and the loved ones lost during the Vietnam war. Eight people in our family were lucky enough to survive the open sea and make it safely to Pulau Tanga, Malaysia in 1978 before gratefully immigrating to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Though this first generation has flourished, and grown, we will never forget those that continue to be deprived of democracy and freedoms deserved by all.

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5493 Maris Silins Read More
5492 Nathan Chao Read More
5487-5491 Aileen D Szkwarek

In honour of Krystyna Szkwarek
Written by Aileen Szkwarek
February 2020 marks the 80th anniversary of a largely unknown historical tragedy; Joseph Stalin’s deportation of 1.7 million Polish citizens, including 350,000 children, to slave labour camps in Siberia and the interior of the U.S.S.R.
In the first wave of this mass deportation, Aileen’s mother Christine (Krystyna Grzegorczyk) Szkwarek, and her family were arrested and exiled to Siberia....

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5482-5486 Ruth Yalle

Dedicated to Järvlo • Kimsto

Read More
5477-5481 Polish Alliance of Canada

Sons of Poland Brotherhood

Read More
5452-5476 John Mierins Read More
5442-5451 Guildford Ventures Ltd

In honor of Zdzislaw A. Kajda

Read More
5441 Minhtri Truong

In memory of the victims of the communist Land Reform in Vietnam (1950s)


The Land Reform in North Vietnam


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5440 Dawn McShee Read More
5435-5439 Janina Aniolczyk

In memory of the Jan & Karolina Tarczynsky family - Victims of Communism.
- Jan Tarczynski died 1940 (64)
- Karolina Tarczynska (Chudzik)  died  1942 (57)
- Alexander Tarczynski   died 1941 (18)
All three died from starvation in Siberia, after being deported on February 5, 1940 from their family home in Wesolowka near Tarnopol, Poland, today's Ukraine.
Their children: Maria...

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5431-5434 Jolanta and Alexander Kania

Jolanta and Alexander Kania

Read More
5430 BlackPearl Resources Inc. Read More
5425-5429 Marek Korkusinski

Marek Korkusinski

Read More
5420-5424 Jeffrey McMurdo Read More
5415-5419 Dr Geoffrey E & Susan Hale

Georgi Vins (1928-1998) was a leader of Russian Baptists who was imprisoned for some years in the Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1970s. He later discovered that his father Peter was executed by the NKVD in 1936. He was expelled from the Soviet Union in 1979 following intervention by U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Part of his story is found in Michael Bourdeaux (1971), Faith on Trial in Russia (London: Hodder and Stoughton). 

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5410-5414 Wojciech Sepowicz

Wojciech Sepowicz

Read More
5409 Trin Van Du

         Being a victim of Vietnamese Communists myself, and now living in Canada, I have to say sincerely that the maltreatment I received in their various concentration camps for several years pales by comparison with what Mr Lee Van Tri (aka Nguyen The Witness) had been subjected to during his escape by sea from Vietnam in 1989.   I wish therefore to share with you his story enclosed below.
Montreal, October 14, 2014
Contributor: Du Van...

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5404-5408 Kentrexs Int'l Ltd.

In memory of Kim Hwa-Yul

Read More
5399-5403 Wesbild Holdings Ltd.

In honor of Frank Smyth, CD

Read More
5394-5398 Context Financial Corp. Read More
5389-5393 Alex Czartoryski

Alex Czartoryski

Read More
5384-5388 Dr. W. Paul Jang Read More
5379-5383 Ian Daniel Read More
5378 Sharon Smith Read More
5373-5377 Lech & Grazyna Galezowski

Eleonora Kuczkowska
Siberian exile - February 10, 1940.

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5368-5372 Polish Combatants Association in Canada, Calgary

Anastazja and Stanislaw Sokolowski

Read More
5367 Anita & Ivars Gaide Read More
5362-5366 Ian Yeo

Ian Yeo

Read More
5357-5361 Tae Oum

Tae Oum

Read More
5352-5356 Sun Ah Cho

Sun Ah Cho

Read More
5347-5351 AMJ. Pensak Professional Corp. Read More
5342-5346 Diadent Group International Inc.

In honor of Henri L St. Laurent, CD, Captain

Read More
5337-5341 Anonymous Read More
5332-5336 Tom Jones

Jack Jones

Read More
5327-5331 John Yungchou Lee

John Yungchou Lee

Read More
5322-5326 Ursa Holdings Ltd.

In honor of Herb Pitts, Major General

Read More
5317-5321 Ted Taik-Woon Jung

Ted Taik-Woon Jung

Read More
5312-5316 Drs. Moira Stilwell & Samuel Lichtenstein

In Memory of our grandparents and parents.

Read More
5307-5311 Holly Jones

Robertina McLean

Read More
5302-5306 Korean Veterans Association Read More
5297-5301 Lotus B. Chung Read More
5287-5296 Hannam Supermarket Inc.

In honor of Bob Orrick, CD

Read More
5277-5286 Olive & Anchor Restaurant Ltd. Read More
5267-5276 Dr. Tony Bae

Tony Bae

Read More
5257-5266 Lee Sung Lee

Sung Lee Lee

Read More
5247-5256 Dr. Anthony S. K. Li Inc. Read More
5237-5246 Cankor BBQ Ltd

In honor of Arthur Lortie, Captain

Read More
5227-5236 M.K. (Mukunghwa) Auto Ltd

In honor of Dave Davidson, Chief Warrant Officer

Read More
5222-5226 Bisco Dental Products (Canada) Inc.

Chris Chung

Read More
5217-5221 Bisco Dental Products (Canada) Inc.

Jennifer Chung

Read More
5207-5216 Park Inland Holdings Ltd.

In honor of Vincent Raymond Courtenay

Read More
5197-5206 Husteel Co. Ltd

Kelly Hwang

Read More
5195-5196 Korean War Veterans Association of Western Canada Read More
5190-5194 Goldwood Industries Ltd.

In Memory of Jagat (Jack) S. Uppal

Read More
5185-5189 Dharam S. Sidhu

Dharam S. Sidhu

Read More
5180-5184 Nguyen Viet Ninh

In Memory of writer Phung Cung.
Victim of communism, I was a prisoner in re-education camps for many years in Vietnam. Since I was given asylum in Canada in 1984, I started to write novels and articles to tell the truth about the atrocities of the communist regime.
It is an honour for me to share the story of writer Phung Cung, a member of the group “Nhan Van Giai Pham” whose journalists and writers were victims of the repression by the Vietnamese Communist Party....

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5175-5179 Dr. Thu Van Lam

In memory of Catholic Priest Thadeus Nguyen Van Ly. Catholic priest, victim of the communist regime in Vietnam, Reverend Thadeus Nguyen Van Ly is currently imprisoned in re-educated camp Ba Sao, because of his peaceful activities in support of religious freedom and democracy. Born August 31, 1947 in Quang Tri province, Central Vietnam, Rev. Nguyen Van Ly was ordained in 1974 and served as secretary to the late Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien from April 1975 to September 1977...

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5174 Alfs Udris

In Memory of Astrida Udris

Read More
5169-5173 Andrew & Sophie Saxton

Andrew Saxton Sr.

Read More
5164-5168 A&T HiFi Centre Ltd. Read More
5159-5163 Robert J MacDonald

In honor of John R. Bishop, Lieutenant-Colonel

Read More
5154-5158 Jassa and Harjit Singh Grewal

In Memory of Mota Singh Grewal, Veteran of WWII

Read More
5149-5153 Dave and Isabelle Hayer

In Memory of Jose Martinez, Veteran of WWII

Read More
5144-5148 Narinder S. Hayer

Narinder S. Hayer

Read More
5143 Toivo Holsmer Read More
5138-5142 Truong Bach Nga


Read More
5133-5137 Robert J MacDonald Read More
5128-5132 van Mandl Family Foundation

van Mandl Family Foundation

Read More
5127 Diem Ha

In honour of Ms. Mai Thi Dung, who is currently serving a 11 year prison term for her religious beliefs in Vietnam. Mai Thi Dung, victim of religious intolerance in Vietnam   Ms. Mai Thi Dung, a Hoa Hao buddhist believer in Vietnam is currently incarcerated at Z30A Xuan Loc re-education camp, serving an 11 year imprisonment sentence, because of her participation to the Hoa Hao buddhist groups’ protests against government’s crackdowns on independent Hoa Hao buddhist groups in...

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5122-5126 Vera Sluzar-MacIntyre

These bricks are dedicated in memory of my parents Wolodymyr and Halyna Sluzar, who like scores of other refugees near the end of WW 2, fled the horrors of Soviet communism under Stalin. They came together from different regions of Ukraine, met, found love and married in a German DP Camp. They were fortunate to have found a home in Canada, for which they were forever grateful for accepting them. 
As to the refugees that were repatriated back to the Soviet Union, their fates were...

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5117-5121 Ethan Huberman

Ethan Huberman

Read More
5112-5116 Edmonton Korean Canadian Women's Association

Edmonton Korean Canadian Women's Association

Read More
5109-5111 Vizma Maksins

In honour of my parents Astra and Uldis Maksins

Read More
5104-5108 Qin Fu

Qin Fu

Read More
5099-5103 Edmonton Latvian Society "Imanta"

In recognition of the spirit and sacrifice of all Latvians who made Alberta their home

Read More
5094-5098 Canadian Polish Congress- Ottawa District

Survivors of communist oppression in Poland

Read More
5092-5093 Polish Canadian Club Ottawa

Polish Victims of Mass Deportations to Siberia

Read More
5087-5091 Truong Minh Tri

In honour of Catholic Priest Nguyen Huu Le, a victim detained for 13 years in Vietnamese re-education camps. Re-education Camp: What is it ? The term “re-education camp” paints a picture of a nice place to help citizens learn and come back to a good life. But what is the reality in these so called “re-education” camps in Vietnam? Re-education camps by nature are far worse than any prison that ever existed, and it is what the communists used to disguise...

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5082-5086 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - National

In memory of Dr. Milada Horakova

Read More
5077-5081 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - National

In memory of Libuse Koldinska

Read More
5072-5076 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Winnipeg Branch

The communist putsch Feb. 25, 1948 in Czechoslovakia, caused many victims.

Read More
5067-5071 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Vancouver Branch

In memory of Ota Hora

Read More
5062-5066 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Toronto Branch

The Soviet army led invasion Au. 21, 1968 of Czechoslovakia, caused many victims, and occupation until 1991.

Read More
5057-5061 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Ottawa Branch

In memory of Vladimir Krajina, C.M.

Read More
5052-5056 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - London Branch

In memory of Zdenek Otruba

Read More
5047-5051 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Kitchener-Waterloo Branch

In memory of Viktor Fic

Read More
5042-5046 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Edmonton Branch

In memory of Jan Waldauf

Read More
5037-5041 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Calgary Branch

In memory of Vincenc Prazak

Read More
5036 Michael Bentley Read More
5031-5035 Dr. Thu Van Lam

In memory of poet Nguyen Chi Thien, with whom I had the privilege of working for human rights for ...

Read More
5026-5030 Gunars Subins

In memory of my dear wife Kačiņa.

Read More
4976-5025 Anonymous Read More
4974-4975 Latvian Relief Society of Canada Read More
4973 Sheng Gao

In memory of those tens of millions of victims under the tyranny of communism in China. Long live freedom!

Read More
4968-4972 Antony Marzotto

In memory of my grandfather Petro Halich
By Peter Wasyl Kuzyk
 ‘Tis with humble respect that I
Accept this challenge, if to try
To bring Petro Halich to view…
That he be paid the tribute due.

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4967 Lynn Beyak

In memory of our dear Tony Beyak, from his loving family.

Read More
4965-4966 Ukrainian Canadian Congress Windsor Branch Read More
4960-4964 Ted Opitz

The Subocz-Opitz Family

Read More
4955-4959 Dave and Isabelle Hayer

In memory of Captain Tara Singh Hayer, Veteran of Indian Army

Read More
4954 Gens Software Ltd. Read More
4949-4953 Aleksandra Lesniak-Nguyen MD and Can Manh Nguyen MD

In memory of Polish and Vietnamese citizens oppressed, tortured and killed by communist regimes. And as a token of gratitude to Canada which has given us safety, freedom, opportunity and hope.

Read More
4944-4948 Andrew Hladyshevsky

Dr. Myroslav and Lydia Hladyshevsky

Read More
4942-4943 Roy Eappen

Dedicated to GYATSO, Tenzin (aka HH Dalai Lama)
Story for GYATSO, Tenzin:
Tenzin Gyatso is the Tibetan name of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.  An Honourary Canadian citizen and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, His Holiness was forced to escape Tibet in 1959 after a decade of illegal occupation by Communist Chinese forces.  Dialogue and peaceful resolution was attempted by His Holiness and his advisors since Communist China's first...

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4941 Anita and Ivars Gaide Read More
4936-4940 KW Latvian Lutheran Church

In memory of Eleonore Zommers

Read More
4931-4935 KW Latvian Lutheran Church

In memory of Janis Zommers

Read More
4926-4930 KW Latvian Lutheran Church

In memory of Rev. Adolfs Cops

Read More
4909-4925 The Herjavec Group Inc. Read More
4904-4908 The Herjavec Group Inc.

In honour of my father Vladimir Herjavec

Read More
4899-4903 The Herjavec Group Inc.

In honour of my mother Katica Rusko

Read More
4894-4898 Polonez Tri-City Polish Association of BC

Polish Brigadier General Emil August Fieldorf "Nil".
He was a Polish World War II hero, fighting Nazi Germans at the beginning of the war. From 1942 a commander of  Kedyw (special operations executive) of  AK (Polish Home Army). From 1944 deputy commander-in-chief of AK. Killed by communists on 24.02.1953 in Mokotow prison in Warsaw. 
More information; https://en....

Read More
4889-4893 Polish Canadian Humanitarian Society

Roman and Helena Klajn nee Grzegorczyk

Read More
4884-4888 BMD Tool & Machine Co. Ltd

In memory of Dubravko Bandula

Read More
4879-4883 Brian Kelemen

In memory of Ivan Starešinic and Franjo Kelemen.

Read More
4874-4878 Polonia Foundation in Alberta

Leonard and Wanda Chodkiewicz

Read More
4869-4873 Estonian Foundation of Canada

In memory of Endel Ruberg

Read More
4867-4868 Polish Combatants Association in Canada, Edmonton Branch Read More
4866 Andrew B Zaleski

Dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Poles who could not return back to a free Poland after the end of WWII, due to the treachery of its western allies.

Read More
4863-4865 Marzanna Bernatek Read More
4813-4862 The Reinholds & Rozentals families Read More
4808-4812 Paul D. Milkman and Tomye B. Spears

Paul D. Milkman and Tomye B. Spears

Read More
4806-4807 Solbyung Coveley

Solbyung Coveley

Read More
4801-4805 Mr Nikola Halar

Mr. Nikola Halar

Read More
4800 Peter Kardasz Read More
4799 Rebecca Staley Read More
4798 Ivana Yelich Read More
4797 Raymond Novak Read More
4796 Norbu Tsering Read More
4795 Joana Kuras Read More
4793-4794 Flavio Volpe Read More
4788-4792 Canadian Gas Association Read More
4783-4787 Canadian Gas Association Read More
4778-4782 Canadian Gas Association Read More
4773-4777 Anonymous

In memory of Ernest Goldberger, and his father Edmund Goldberger
In October 1956, large numbers of protestors took to the streets to demand a democratic system and freedom from Soviet oppression. On November 4th, 1956, a national uprising in Hungary was violently crushed by Soviet tanks and troops and an estimated 2,500 Hungarians were killed. An estimated quarter-million Hungarians fled the country.
 During that fall of...

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4768-4772 Anonymous

In memory of Marianne Wolfe (nee Kemeny):
 A survivor of the Holocaust, Marianne had a comfortable and sheltered life in Budapest after WWII.  The decision to leave after the Revolution was primarily due to the anti-Semitic environment. It had become very difficult to leave Hungary but her father said “leave things to me.”  He made all of the arrangements and on a very gray December morning in 1956, at the age of 25, Marianne left her parents to go to a...

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4763-4767 Jozef and Jolanta Lesniak

Jozef and Jolanta Lesniak
To commemorate Polish citizens tortured, killed and deported to Soviet Union by oppressive communist regimes.

Read More
4761-4762 Lydia and Severino Falcomer Read More
4756-4760 Buduchnist Credit Union

Maksym Wowk

Read More
4751-4755 Buduchnist Credit Union

Volodymyr Okipniuk

Read More
4746-4750 Buduchnist Credit Union

In memory of Roman Malashchuk

Read More
4741-4745 Buduchnist Credit Union

In memory of Volodymyr Klish

Read More
4736-4740 Buduchnist Credit Union

In memory of Vasyl Bezchlibnyk

Read More
4734-4735 Walter Kudryk Read More
4732-4733 Christine Kowalsky and Wiktor Moskaliuk Read More
4730-4731 Rev. Marian & Dr. Roman Curkowskyj Foundation Read More
4728-4729 Michael Kalimin Read More
4726-4727 Roman and Olena Coba Read More
4724-4725 Mytram Consulting Inc. Read More
4723 George A Ochrym Read More
4722 Mitchell, Bardyn & Zalucky LLP Read More
4721 Mykhailo Wawryshyn Read More
4720 Jaroslaw Grod Read More
4719 George Kolos Read More
4718 Nicholas Derzko Barrister & Solicitor Read More
4717 Jurij Darewych Read More
4716 Tania M Melnyk Read More
4715 Tetiana Dzulynsky Read More
4714 I. W. Bardyn Read More
4712-4713 1045466 Ontario Ltd Read More
4710-4711 NUAC Toronto Read More
4708-4709 LPR Global Inc. Read More
4707 Xun Li Read More
4705-4706 Korean Consulate General Read More
4703-4704 Yong Zhou Read More
4702 Joe Wang Read More
4696-4701 Dan Zhao

Dan Zhao

Read More
4694-4695 Milal Church Read More
4689-4693 Senator Yonah Martin

In honour of my father Lee Sung Kim.

Read More
4687-4688 Solbyung Coveley Read More
4685-4686 Ki Seok Lee Read More
4683-4684 Korean Senior Citizens Society of Toronto Read More
4678-4682 Anonymous

Ivo Masina
Ivo Masina (Preko, island Ugljan, Croatia July 21,1927 - prison Stara Gradiska, Croatia Nov. 20,1961.) Croatian historian. As a young man, he was the best student in high school in Zadar, Croatia. Later on he went to study history on the Philosophical university, where he was known as an excellent student, one of the best. In 1953. he wrote in one of the Croatian newspapers "Slobodna Dalmacija" (Free Dalmacija) an...

Read More
4673-4677 Anonymous

Juraj Gospodnetic
Juraj Gospodnetic, born in 1907, Postire, island Brac, Croatia. The Reverend Juraj Gospodnetić (January 9, 1910 - July 27, 1941) was a Croatian catholic priest who was tortured and murdered by Chetnics during the Bosansko Grahovo massacre on July 27, 1941, the day that is considered the day of communist uprising in Croatia, then Yugoslavia. Juraj Gospodnetić was born in Postira on the island Brač....

Read More
4668-4672 A.P.S. Metal Industries Inc.

In memory of Andrija Pavletich

Read More
4663-4667 Likro Precision Ltd

Barbara Baricevic

Read More
4658-4662 Likro Precision Ltd

Marija Pavicic

Read More
4653-4657 Likro Precision Ltd

Ivan Pavicic

Read More
4648-4652 Likro Precision Ltd

Viktor Delac

Read More
4643-4647 Likro Precision Ltd

Jakov Pavicic

Read More
4638-4642 Joseph and Jasna Draganjac

Joseph and Jasna Draganjac

Read More
4633-4637 Ashley Oakes Homes Inc. Read More
4629-4632 Gloria and Vlado Vujeva Read More
4604-4628 Kozmuz Inc. Read More
4599-4603 St Stanislaus-St Casimir's Polish Parishes Credit Union Ltd

Tadeusz Gonsik

Read More
4594-4598 St Stanislaus-St Casimir's Polish Parishes Credit Union Ltd

Father Jan Sajewicz OMI

Read More
4589-4593 Stefan Podsiadlo

Stefan Podsiadlo

Read More
4587-4588 Cyclone Mfg. Inc. Read More
4585-4586 Polish Army Veteran Association Read More
4583-4584 Yvonne Bogorya-Buczkowski Read More
4581-4582 Malgorzata and Wladyslaw Lizon Read More
4579-4580 Halina Sandig Read More
4577-4578 Janina Ruta Read More
4575-4576 Stan and Kristina Reitmeier Read More
4574 Eugeniusz Kus Read More
4573 Zofia Sliwinka Read More
4572 Halina Drozdzal Read More
4571 Irene Kremblewski Read More
4570 Teresa Berezowski Read More
4569 The Canadian Polish Research Institute Read More
4564-4568 League of Ukrainian Canadians

Mykola Zaverucha Swyntuch

Read More
4559-4563 League of Ukrainian Canadians

In memory of Oleksander Matla

Read More
4554-4558 League of Ukrainian Canadians

Mykola Koshyk

Read More
4553 Michael Yelavich Read More
4552 Michael Menalo Read More
4551 Jan George Frajkor Read More
4550 Emil Mlinarevic Read More
4548-4549 Arkady Belous Read More
4546-4547 Steven and Lavinica Strauss Read More
4545 Mark Woods Read More
4544 Algis Juzukonis Read More
4542-4543 V Mance Mfg. Ltd Read More
4540-4541 John and Anne Zdunic Read More
4539 Marcin Bosacki Read More
4537-4538 John and Renee Novak Read More
4532-4536 D.H. Pham Medical Corporation

In memory of Le Xuan Phuong

Read More
4527-4531 D.H. Pham Medical Corporation

In memory of Tran Si Long

Read More
4522-4526 D. H. Pham Medical Corporation

In memory of Truong Van Phu

Read More
4517-4521 D.H. Pham Medical Corporation

In memory of Nguyen Huu Duc

Read More
4512-4516 D. H. Pham Medical Corporation

In memory of Nguyen Trong Phu

Read More
4511 John Alpeza Read More
4510 Milton Howe Read More
4509 Milan Kollar Read More
4508 Sergiy Kaznadiy Read More
4507 Natalia Lishchyna Read More
4506 Michael Pelaic Read More
4501-4505 Joana Kuras

Joana Kuraire

Read More
4499-4500 Ray Zabieliauskas Read More
4498 Milton Howe Read More
4497 James Wielgosz Read More
4495-4496 Antoinette Bozac Read More
4494 Ivan and Iva Grbesic Read More
4491-4493 Anton Kikas Read More
4489-4490 Christine Y. Huynh Read More
4488 Andrew Sileika Read More
4486-4487 Croatian Sports & Community Centre Read More
4485 Peter Linhart Read More
4483-4484 Oleh and Krystina Waler Read More
4481-4482 Quang Vu Read More
4479-4480 Christopher Chung Read More
4478 Antony Marzotti Read More
4473-4477 Benoit Parent

Inna Khomitska

Read More
4472 Anna J Marzotti Read More
4471 Marc Marzotti Read More
4469-4470 Frank and Tina Beljo Read More
4467-4468 Caroline Spivak Read More
4466 Robert Sraka Read More
4465 Mike Ljubicic Read More
4464 Vu Sa Read More
4463 Lily Le Read More
4462 Steven Fletcher Read More
4461 Tui Menning-Torrie Read More
4456-4460 Ian Ihnatowycz Family Foundation

In memory of Mychajlo Lishchynsky

Read More
4452-4455 Ian Ihnatowycz Family Foundation

In memory of Evhen Wreciona

Read More
4448-4451 Ian Ihnatowycz Family Foundation

In memory of Osyp Ihnatowycz

Read More
4444-4447 Ian Ihnatowycz Family Foundation

In memory of Leontyna Ihnatowycz

Read More
4440-4443 Ian Ihnatowycz Family Foundation

In memory of Vasyl Lishchynski

Read More
4436-4439 Ian Ihnatowycz Family Foundation

In memory of Mychajlo Witer

Read More
4431-4435 Estonian Foundation of Canada

Estonian refugees who fled Soviet terror

Read More
4426-4430 Estonian Foundation of Canada

In memory of Oskar Puhm

Read More
4421-4425 Estonian Foundation of Canada

In memory of Aleksander Weiler

Read More
4416-4420 Estonian Foundation of Canada

In memory of Ilmar Kulvet

Read More
4411-4415 Estonian Foundation of Canada

In memory of Heino Joe

Read More
4404-4410 Estonian Central Council in Canada

In memory of Ilmar Heinsoo

Read More
4399-4403 Estonian Central Council in Canada

In memory of Arved Viirlaid

Read More
4394-4398 Mihai Stauceanu

Mihai Stauceanu

Read More
4392-4393 Victor Hetmanczuk Read More
4391 Nadia Jacyk Read More
4390 Veronika Aliyeva Read More
4389 Jin Soo Lee Read More
4364-4388 Ukrainian Credit Union Ltd. Read More
4359-4363 Rodan Energy

Paul and Adrianna Grod

Read More
4354-4358 Rodan Energy

Levko Lukyanenko

Read More
4349-4353 Rodan Energy

Viacheslav Chornovil

Read More
4344-4348 Rodan Energy


Read More
4339-4343 Rodan Energy


Read More
4314-4338 Cummins Eastern Canada Inc. Read More
4312-4313 Jacqueline An Read More
4311 Alexandra Chyczij Read More
4309-4310 Bernard Trottier Read More
4308 Tam Nguyen Read More
4306-4307 Oksana and George Rewa Read More
4305 Joseph Oliver Read More
4304 Tan Huynh Vuu Read More
4302-4303 Lesya Winnicki Read More
4300-4301 Renata Roman Read More
4295-4299 Debbie Cosic

Debbie Cosic

Read More
4293-4294 Adrian and Jasna Grbavac Read More
4291-4292 Steve and Ann Sokic Read More
4289-4290 Agra Vagners Read More
4288 Vizma Maksins Read More
4286-4287 Anita and Ivars Gaide

Anita and Ivars Gaide

Read More
4285 Dominic Roszak Read More
4284 Grzegorz Jopkiewicz Read More
4282-4283 Peter Van Loan Read More
4281 Marjory Lebreton Read More
4279-4280 Jirina Hofmann Read More
4277-4278 Lesya Berbeka Read More
4275-4276 Senator Thanh Hai Ngo Read More
4270-4274 Dang, Thi Danh

In honour of TRAN Huynh Duy Thuc
Born in 1966, engineer Tran Huynh Duy Thuc was a successful IT entrepreneur playing a pioneer role in Vietnam’s private sector IT in the late 1990s and early 2000’s. He started to blog on the topics of government reform and human rights in 2008.  On 24 May 2009, Tran Huynh Duy Thuc was arrested under the initial charge of “promoting anti-government propaganda” under Article 88 of the Vietnamese Penal Code for peacefully...

Read More
4265-4269 Dang, Thi Danh

In honour of Buddhist monk Venereble Thich Thien Minh (named Huynh Van Ba at birth) victim of the Vietnamese communist religious persecution. 
Born in 1953 in Bac-Lieu province of South Vietnam, venerable Thich Thien Minh survived 26 years of imprisonment in communist “re-education camps”, from 1979 to 2005, and published his memoir in 2007 to denounce the atrocities to which he was victim and also the numerous deaths among his fellow inmates in hard labour camps. Thich Thien...

Read More
4260-4264 Dang, Thi Danh

In honour of Mr. Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung, a worker rights defender who is serving a 9 year prison sentence in Vietnamese communist “re-education camps”.
Born in 1981, Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung was a computer engineer when he joined, in 2006 the “Victims of Injustice Movement” and the “Bloc 8406”calling for democratic reforms in Vietnam. In 2009, he joined the “Committee to protect worker rights” of Doan Huy Chuong. In February 2010, Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung and Doan Huy Chuong were arrested...

Read More
4255-4259 Dang, Thi Danh

In honour of pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh in Vietnam, a Lutheran Christian, victim of arbitrary detention and inhumane treatment in prison because he refused to renounce his religion.
Born on October 10, 1966 in the Highlands of Vietnam, Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh is serving 11 years of imprisonment in An Phouc prison camp of Binh Duong province. Leader of the Christian Congregation of the Lutheran Church in Pleiku, Gia Lai province, he was the target of a campaign of terror since 2003 from...

Read More
4250-4254 Dang, Thi Danh

In memory of DINH Dang Dinh
Teacher, environmental activist and blogger Dinh Dang Dinh was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment in August 2012 after a three-hour trial. A subsequent appeal hearing lasted only 45 minutes. He was charged with “conducting propaganda” against the state for initiating a petition against bauxite mining in the Central Highlands. The bauxite mining project had been awarded to Chinese firms which used obsolete technologies that polluted the...

Read More
4248-4249 Marinko Saric Read More
4247 Chinh Huu Le Read More
4246 Nguyen Van Phep Read More
4241-4245 Jiri and Milada Teichmann

Jiri and Milada Teichmann

Read More
4236-4240 Czechoslovak National Association of Canada - Kitchener-Waterloo Branch

In memory of Stan Reiniš

Read More
4235 Lynne Yelich Read More
4234 Mirdza Lejins

In memory of Victims of Communism in Latvia.

Read More
4229-4233 Polish Canadian Humanitarian Society

Weronika Klucznik-Markowska 

Read More
4228 Lam (James) Nguyen Read More
4227 Tsering Dorjee Dekhang Read More
4226 Chan Vu Read More
4225 Truong Vu Read More
4224 Le Manh Nguyen Read More
4223 Than Tam Tran Read More
4222 Le Luong Read More
4216-4221 Veso Sobot

Milan Sobot escaped former Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina) during WW2, evading Tito’s Communists, Hitler’s Nazi’s and Mussolini’s Socialists ultimately resettling in Canada to start anew.
He then worked tirelessly to have his sons and their families join him in his new adopted country so they could enjoy opportunity and peace in Hamilton, Canada.
Milan Sobot’s courage and vision, like countless others like him, improved the human condition and...

Read More
4214-4215 Milly and Ivo Syptak

Ivo and Milly Syptak

Read More
4213 John Duncan Read More
4212 Valdis Briedis Read More
4211 Lam Son Tran Read More
4209-4210 Denise Tmej Read More
4208 Alice Tmej Read More
4206-4207 Diana Willard Read More
4205 Viet-Khung Le Read More
4204 Roy Eappen Read More
4203 Gita Kalmet Read More
4201-4202 Stephen Glogowski Read More
4199-4200 Anna Janous Read More
4198 Alide and Talis Forstmanis Read More
4197 Harry Drung Read More
4196 Willi Ristau Read More
4126-4195 Latvian Relief Society of Canada Read More
4125 James Bezan Read More
4124 Chungsen Leung Read More
4123 Stella Ambler Read More
4121-4122 Czeslaw Piasta Read More
4119-4120 Huy Chuong Trinh Read More
4118 Izabela Klimkowska Read More
4116-4117 Jean and Stanley Warda Read More
4115 Jozef and Grazyna Semrau

In memory of Helena and Jan Greczanik, Wanda and Henryk Semrau, who sacrificed so much under the motto "Bog, honor i ojczyzna".

Read More
4112-4114 John Weissenberger

In honour of my father Heinrich Weissenberger, and my grandfather Heinrich Weissenberger.

Read More
4106-4111 Trinh Huy Chuong

In honour of our mother Sub-Lieutenant Nguyen Thi Xuan Uyen, who suffered and perished in 1982, after having been detained in a re-education camp and passed away due to forced labour in the "new economic zone" in Daklak, Vietnam.

Read More
4101-4105 Delores Buka-Huculak

In memory of Maria Huculak

Read More
4096-4100 Delores Buka-Huculak

In memory of Michailo Huculak

Read More
4091-4095 Delores Buka-Huculak

In memory of Vasyl Misiura

Read More
4086-4090 Delores Buka-Huculak

In memory of Jan Buka

Read More
4081-4085 Delores Buka-Huculak

In memory of Oksana Frolak

Read More
4076-4080 James Temerty and Ludmilla Temerty

In memory of our great grandmother Odarka Tereschenko, born in Verbivtsi, Ukraine. Arrested and tortured in 1933 during the Holomodor/genocidal famine in Ukraine.

Read More
4071-4075 James Temerty and Ludmilla Temerty

In memory of our grandfather Maxim Grehorovych Novikov, born in Krasne, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine. Arrested and tortured in 1921 by the KGB.

Read More
4066-4070 James Temerty and Ludmilla Temerty

In memory of our great uncle Ivan Dimitrovich Temerty, born in Styla Starobeshiv district, Donbas, Ukraine. Accusation Enemy of the people, deported in 1931 to the Gulag, perished while escaping.

Read More
4061-4065 James Temerty and Ludmilla Temerty

In memory of our great uncle Feodor Dimitrovich Temerty, born in Styla Starobeshiv district, Donbas, Ukraine. Accusation: Enemy of the people, deported to the Gulag in 1931. Drowned escaping from prison.

Read More
4056-4060 James Temerty and Ludmilla Temerty

In memory of our grandfather Konstantyn Dimitrovich Temerty, born in Styla Starobeshiv district, Donbas, Ukraine. Accusation: Enemy of people, executed February 9, 1938.

Read More
4000-5000 Test


Read More
4000-5000 Test


Read More
3556-4055 Ludmilla Temerty Read More
3551-3555 Kenneth L. Guarisco Read More
3550 Pawel Hawrylak Read More
3545-3549 Guy Laflamme Read More
3540-3544 Kathy Sarry

In honour of George Valentin Sarry.

Read More
3515-3539 John Mierins Read More
3514 Viera Bibr Read More
3513 Rose Schultz, Lydia Hewitt, Joseph Schaefer and Theresa McMurdo

In memory of our parents, Joseph and Christina Schafer, who came with their children as refugees from the Soviet Union (Ukraine) to Holdfast, Saskatchewan in December 1930.

Read More
3510-3512 Drs Alexander and Joanna Jablonski

Drs. Alexander and Joanna Jablonski

Read More
3508-3509 Ukrainian Youth Association Etobicoke Branch Read More
3503-3507 Anne Elliot

In memory of my sister Hilja Tondi who was lost in the sinking of the ship Moero.

Read More
3498-3502 Linda Walk

In memory of Edgar and Endla Walk

Read More
3493-3497 Vera Yuzyk

Patriarch Josyf Slipyj

Read More
3488-3492 Anonymous Read More
3487 Dr. Mojmir Chromec Read More
3486 Pilsudski Polish Mutual Benefit Society Read More
2985-3484 Erast and Delores Huculak Read More
2984 Peter W Kryworuk Read More
2979-2983 Michael and Barbara Sherriff

Michael and Barbara Sherriff

Read More
2969-2978 TransAlta Corporation Read More
2968 Philip and Miriam Irwin

As a memory of my parents who were separated during the Communist rule of Czechoslovakia. Miriam Mikulecka Irwin

Read More
2963-2967 Dr Andrzej and Wanda Garlicki

Dr. Andrzej and Wanda Garlicki

Read More
2962 Milos O Hlavacek Read More
2961 Anna K Vesely Read More
2956-2960 Milly and Ivo Syptak Read More
2951-2955 Sokol Canada

Zdenek Mimra

Read More
2950 BlackPearl Resources Inc. Read More
2949 Gordon Elliott Read More
2944-2948 Milan Schiller Read More
2943 Mary Lepki Read More
2938-2942 Malgorzata and Wladyslaw Lizon

Malgorzata and Wladyslaw Lizon

Read More
2936-2937 Ernst Friedel Read More
2935 Sharon Smith Read More
2930-2934 Jan K Jekielek

In memory of Jekielek and Rumszewicz Families

Read More
2929 Daniel Kary Read More
2927-2928 Thomas V. Lavrisa

Dedicated to Ludvik Lavrisa 

Read More
2926 Ivars & Anita Gaide Read More
2916-2925 Christopher Bloomer

Bela Kiss

Read More
2915 Roy Eappen Read More
2913-2914 Ron Quigley Read More
2912 Polish Canadian Club Ottawa Read More
2907-2911 Frederick Litwin

Solomon (Shloyme) Mikhoels (Yiddish: שלמה מיכאעלס‎, Russian: Cоломон (Шлойме) Михоэлс, 16 March [O.S. 4 March] 1890 – 13 January 1948), 
PAU, was a Soviet Jewish actor and the artistic director of the Moscow State Jewish Theater. Mikhoels served as the chairman of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee during World War II. However, as Joseph Stalin pursued an increasingly anti-Semitic...

Read More
2902-2906 Hon. David and Laura Kilgour

In honour of Gao Zhisheng
Gao Zhisheng (born 20 April 1964) is a Chinese human rights attorney and dissident known for defending activists and religious minorities and documenting human rights abuses in China. Because of his work, Zhisheng has been disbarred and detained by the Chinese government several times, and severely tortured. He last disappeared in February 2009 and was unofficially detained until December 2011,...

Read More
2897-2901 Hon. Jason Kenney

In Memory of Blessed Nykyta Budka

Read More
2892-2896 Dr. Le Duy Can

Dr. Le Duy Can

Read More
2891 Danuta Tardif Read More
2890 Anthony Muszynski Read More
2888-2889 Canadian Polish Congress Kitchener Read More
2883-2887 Canadian Polish Congress Thunder Bay

In memory of Polish victims of communism killed by the communist regime

Read More
2878-2882 Canadian Polish Congress Thunder Bay

In memory of Polish civilians and soldiers killed in the Soviet Union

Read More
2877 Helena Palka and Agnes Warda

In memory of Anton Witasiak and Walenty Trojanowski

Read More
2872-2876 Robyn Lore Read More
2867-2871 Josef Mandat

Josef Mandat

Read More
2866 Marilyn Elliott Read More
2861-2865 Dr James Silvus Read More
2860 Gary and Cathy Cornfield Read More
2859 The Bayrachny Family

In memory of our relatives, including the grandfather we never knew, who perished at the hands of Stalin – imprisoned, tortured, shot to death or sent to Siberia to perish without any further word of their fate. In memory of the children, our unbeknown five aunts and uncles, who starved to death during the Holodomor. In memory of our grandparents who endured the suffering and torment but instilled in their surviving children pride in their Ukrainian heritage. They are the ones who sought a...

Read More
2858 Tomasz Kmiec

To dziadek Jan Kmiec who passed away from brain cancer shortly after fleeing communist Poland and my dad Krzysztof Kmiec who managed to escape in the early 1980s. We were reunited in 1985 when my mother, my brother, and I were finally allowed to leave. We will never forget.

Read More
2853-2857 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Montreal branch

In memory of Jan Palach

Read More
2848-2852 Zdenek Novak

Zdenek Novak

Read More
2847 Radmilla Locher Read More
2845-2846 Dr Milos Krajny Read More
2844 Celine Beaulac Read More
2838-2843 Nguyen Xuan Can - Kentech Automotive Inc.

Mr and Mrs Nguyen Xuan Nghe

Read More
2837 Canadian Slovak League Read More
2836 George M Palik Read More
2829-2835 The Former Thu Duc Reserve Officer Cadets Association of Ontario

Col. Nguyen Tuan


The Former Thu Duc Reserve Officer Cadets Association of Ontario


The big disaster in history of Vietnam

Vietnam was formerly a kingdom with over four thousand years of history. Dotted with defeat and glory, occupation and expansion, domination and liberation. But none is more harmful and shameful than being under communist rule during the last century. Disaster was seeded in 1911 when a discontent, cunning but ambitious young man stowed...

Read More
2824-2828 George Sava

George Sava

Read More
2823 Victoria I Karpiak Read More
2822 Ian Brodie

For Ed Iskauskas and Milvi Kori, who escaped, met in Canada and raised a wonderful family.

Read More
2820-2821 Michael James Colborne Read More
2819 Zdenek Fisera Read More
2818 Stan, Eva and Milan Schiller Read More
2817 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Vancouver Branch Read More
2816 Tracy Thuy Hoa Tran Read More
2814-2815 Mong Thu Vu and Trung Than Vu Read More
2813 Walter Friesen Read More
2812 Tran Thi Huong Read More
2811 Dr. Dao X. Le Read More
2809-2810 1716205 Ontario Ltd. Read More
2807-2808 Nguyen Xuan Can - Kentech Automation Inc.

Mr and Mrs Nguyen Xuan Can

Read More
2806 Hung Vu Read More
2801-2805 Association of Gdanskers in Canada

Polish Victims from Gdańsk

Read More
2800 Association of Polish Engineers in Canada Read More
2799 Ronald Gillis, Anna Lopinski, Zofia Guzkowski and Sophie Podkowinski

In memory of Helena Malinowska

Read More
2777-2798 Open Book Group Read More
2776 Caroline Wharton

In memory of Helena Malinowska

Read More
2775 Mr & Mrs. R. Gondek, Dorothy Gitter, Lily & Peter Taylor, Linda G Armstrong and Maria Wysocka

In memory of Helena Malinowska

Read More
2750-2774 John Mierins Read More
2749 Marlene Baily, Bruce Coneil and Emilia Jasinski

In memory of Helena Malinowska

Read More
2748 Anthony & Diana Reitmeier

In memory of Helena Malinowska, a wonderful lady, strong patron of Poland and adored mother and grandmother.

Read More
2747 Wenfeng Chen

In memory of my grandfather Xu-Jian CHEN who died in AD1960 in the county of Ningde in China, because he was a "landlord - owned too much land".

Read More
2719-2746 The Committee to Support the Ottawa Memorial to Victims of Communism Read More
2718 Nguyen Van Phep Read More
2717 Hoang Nga Read More
2715-2716 Dung Tran Read More
2714 Hoi Cao Nien Viet Nam North York Read More
2713 Keng Pham Read More
2712 Anonymous Read More
2711 Cam Tuyen Tran Read More
2710 Hau Tan Dang & Chau Minh Tran Read More
2709 Hurontario Pharmacy Read More
2707-2708 Louis Quang Changivy Read More
2706 Thong-Chi Doan Read More
2705 Phap Van Vietnamese Buddhist Cultural Centre of Ontario Read More
2700-2704 Le Ngan - Vina Roofing Inc.

Le Ngan

Read More
2699 Antiqua Stone Inc. Read More
2697-2698 Thuc Lam Vo - L&P Design Read More
2696 Tuyet Vo Medicine Professional Corporation Read More
2695 Nhiep Xuan Bui & Hoi Thi Hoang Read More
2690-2694 Dr. Tran Hieu Liem

Pham Doan Trang
In memory of the Vietnamese Boat People

Read More
2685-2689 Dr. Tran Hieu Liem

Dr. Tran Hieu Liem

Read More
2683-2684 Pacific Pharmacy Mississauga Read More
2682 Dr. Thanh Nhan Nguyen Dentistry Read More
2681 Phan Thi Co Read More
2680 Active Laser Beauty Read More
2675-2679 Phan Van Hau, Pho Dau Bo

Phan Van Hau 

Read More
2674 Luke and Elizabeth Sulatycki

In memory of Helena Malinowski, who was deported from Poland to a slave labour camp in Siberia, and later raised a beautiful family in Canada.

Read More
2669-2673 Head Executive Polish Combatants Association

Polish Combatants

Read More
2668 Hana Sammer Read More
2662-2667 Hana Pelnar

Hana Pelnar

Read More
2657-2661 Frederick B. Sirotek

In memory of my father, Bedrich Sirotek, who made the decision for the entire family to walk away from a large estate and to escape.
He did so in less than a week after the commies took over in February 1948. 
It took a month to find a safe escort out of the country but we crossed the border, after dark. Across a farmer's field by April 10.

Read More
2656 Gunars Subins

In memory of Mrs. Erna Norvilis, widow of late Latvian composer/conductor Mr. Janis Norvilis.

Read More
2655 Sisters of Holy Cross Read More
2654 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Calgary Branch Read More
2652-2653 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - Ottawa Branch Read More
2647-2651 Czech and Slovak Association of Canada - National

In memory of Lubor Zink

Read More
2646 Helena and John Flack Read More
2645 The Peter, Donna, Vladimir, Tomas and Paul Heger family

We do not forget the 42 years of losses.

Read More
2644 Rev. Richard G. Jaworski Read More
2639-2643 James He

James (Jian) He

Read More
2634-2638 Ivan and Iva Grbesic

Ivan and Iva Grbesic.
In memory of all Croatians who suffered and perished at the hands of Tito and in honour of our parents who fled from communist Yugoslavia to Canada, a great land of opportunity.

Read More
2633 Alide and Talis Forstmanis

In memory of my parents reunited March 9, 2013. Both experienced the horrors of war, lost family, friends and homeland. Both were grateful to find and start a new life in a free and democratic country. Both saw the evils of communism fall. It's our duty to respect and protect this hard fought freedom.

Read More
2628-2632 Paul Grod

Dedicated to my parents, Ivan and Maria Grod,  who were forced to flee Ukraine from Russian-Soviet communist oppression, as well as to the Ukrainian people who were murdered, tortured and oppressed by those intent on destroying the Ukrainian nation.

Read More
2623-2627 Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation

In honour of the silenced millions murdered in the Soviet Union for the crime of being Ukrainian: during the Holomodor, the Stalin terror years, the mass executions of World War II, and the Gulags.

Read More
2622 Maria and Szymon Swietorzecki

We honour our uncle Tadeusz Bejt (1923-1949) who remained loyal to the London-based Polish government-in-exile and was executed in 1949 by the Stalinist secret police Urzad Bezpieczenstwa on charges of working for "foreign imperialism". Tadeusz Bejt sentenced in the staged trial was rehabilitated on January 22, 1993.

Read More
2620-2621 Jaromir Kouba Read More
2619 Michal Zeithammel Read More
2618 Eva Konopacki Read More
2613-2617 Josef Cermak

Josef Cermak

Read More
2608-2612 Ladislav Kubat

Ladislav Kubat

Read More
2603-2607 Milo Suchma

Dedicated to my father Miloslav Suchma who was imprisoned by the communist government in Czechoslovakia and all his property was confiscated.

Read More
2601-2602 Dagmara Ziedins and Don Kirkey Read More
2600 Anthony Muszynski Read More
2599 Laurie Hawn Read More
2598 Dawn McShee & Wilhelmina Sullivan

Ausma Klavkalns

Read More
2597 Marek Zaremba Read More
2596 Maria Danielak Read More
2595 Jerzy and Grazyna Czartoryski Read More
2594 Stan Zaborowski Read More
2592-2593 Drs. Alexander and Joanna Jablonski Read More
2587-2591 B and J Gawlik

B. and J. Gawlik

Read More
2586 Jolanta and Alexander Kania Read More
2086-2585 James and Louise Temerty Read More
2085 Magdalena and Bogdan Gawronski Read More
2084 Jerzy and Renata Jatczak Read More
2083 Wojchech and Maria Remisz Read More
2082 Dr. Artur Gorski Read More
2077-2081 Bogdan and Elzbieta Gajewski

Bogdan and Elzbieta Gajewski

Read More
2076 Vietnamese Community members Read More
2075 Nguyen, Hai Di Read More
1575-2074 Ian Ihnatowycz Family Foundation Read More
1570-1574 Robert Tmej

The Tmej family

Read More
1565-1569 Teodora and Marek Dobrowolski

Teodora and Marek Dobrowolski

Read More
1560-1564 Stan & Kristina Reitmeier

In memory of the Kresy Deportees to Siberia
"On 17 September 1939 the Soviets invaded Poland with an army of 600,000 that included 24 infantry divisions, 15 cavalry divisions, and nine tank brigades [ii]. They immediately set about carrying out their policy of ethnic cleansing [iii]. 
They came with previously-prepared lists and ordered that all Kresy Polish military residents, police, civil servants, civilian farmer settlers and...

Read More
1558-1559 TD Bank Financial Group Read More
1553-1557 Zbigniew and Teresa Berezowski

Zbigniew and Teresa Berezowski

Read More
1551 Stanley & Diane Godzisz Read More
1546-1550 Polish Veterans Society Members Account Read More
1545 Canadian Polish Congress, District Mississauga Read More
1542-1544 The Royal Canadian Legion, Polish Veterans Branch #418 Read More
1537-1541 TransCanada Pipelines Limited Read More
1536 William Apsit Read More
1531-1535 James Wielgosz

In honour of my great-grandfather Tomasz Jedlinski.

Read More
1526-1530 Dominic Roszak

Dorota Zlotkowska
I was born in Canada after my mother fled the dire reality of life in the People’s Republic of Poland under Martial law. I make this donation in honour of a family friend, who along with her family was forced to leave Poland in 1969 as a result of the anti-Semitic purge perpetrated by the Communist regime. Hers was a normal, productive and well-integrated Polish family that was constantly harassed, then stripped of their Polish citizenship against their...

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1525 Eerik Niiles Kross

In memory of my father Jaan Kross jun. He was born in free Estonia in 1920 and studied international law. He was active in national resistance to the Nazis in April 1944. Released by the short lived Estonian government in September 1944, he was arrested again, this time by the Russian NKVD in 1946, for the same "crime", resistance to occupation and struggle for a democratic and independent Estonia. He spent 8 years in various GULAG camps, Inta in Komi, Russia, among others. He survived and...

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1524 Eerik-Niiles Kross

In memory of my grandfather Jaan Kross. He was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1878. In independent Estonia he worked as a factory manager. He was arrested by the Soviet occupation forces in 1944 as an "enemy of the people" and was killed in the GULAG camp in Potma, Russia, in 1947. We don't know where his grave is, but his memory will never die.

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1520-1523 Polish Combatants Association in Canada Inc. Branch #8

Dedicated to the memory of those branch members whose homeland was taken away from them by the communist regime, as well as their family members who were murdered in communist places of torture, or deported to die in the slave labour camps of that inhuman land, Siberia.

Read More
1519 J.A. Dobrowolski Read More
1518 Richard and Karen Ruta Read More
1517 Lubomyr Luciuk Read More
1480-1516 Maria Norton Read More
1479 Alfs Udris

In memory of the Latvian farmers from the Vilkene Parish, who were deported to Siberia, by the ruinous Soviet occupiers.

Read More
1477-1478 Ryszard and Janina Prociuk

Dedicated to Major Aleksander Prociuk (1905-1974), a proud Canadian and veteran of the Allied Polish Armed Forces in WWII, who never lived to see, again, the free and democratic Poland for which he had fought.

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1476 Maribel Palacios Martinez

To my family and especially to my husband Pedro Benito, who spent 5 years in Cuban prisons, enduring torture, hunger and physical abuse, for the crime of opposing the Castro brothers' communist dictatorship.

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1475 Akram Abbas-Nejad Read More
1474 Tyler Atkinson Read More
1473 Bruno Payrol & John Conley

In memory of the Cuban hero Pedro Luis Boitel, 1931-1972, a victim of communism.

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1472 Anonymous Read More
1471 Anonymous Read More
1470 Anonymous Read More
1469 Roberto Sablon Leal

My family and I have been victims of communism in many ways, we suffered in Cuba, psychologically and otherwise. We were harassed, our house was searched, and that is why I had to leave Cuba in 1997. I continue my struggle against communism by working with the Cuban Canadian Foundation. I dedicate my humble donation in memory of Pedro Luis Boitel, who was murdered in prison for political activism, in the Castro brothers dictatorship.

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1468 Alex Perez Menendez

To all those who have suffered under communism, just like I suffered for 27 years of my life, under the Castro dictatorship on Cuba.

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1467 David Levy Read More
1466 Yasmine Sambra and Yasiel Sambra

I dedicate this donation to my brother Guillermo and my father Ismael Sambra, who spent years in jail for peaceful activism against Castro's regime. I was 4 years old when my father Ismael Sambra, and my brother Guillermo were sent to jail. To my father and my brother who have educated us to love freedom and democracy.

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1465 Martha Rios

To all those dissidents that have spent years in jail, under Castro's communist regime, and to their families.

To my family, especially to my husband Ismael Sambra, a fearless writer and journalist, who has never stopped battling the atrocities of communism.

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1464 Miriam Bressler Cisnero

When I was 9 years old, just four years after my mother passed away, my father was sent to prison because he was an outspoken activist against the Fidel Castro dictatorship. For many years I had to endure the exclusion from social acceptance because I was the daughter of a counter revolutionary, in the eyes of the regime. My will to fight this type of government, capable of inflicting such unbearable pain in a child, grew stronger with the years, so I became a human rights activist myself...

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1463 Maurice Sambra

To the dissidents and political prisoners in Cuba. To all those refugees who for political reasons remain fighting against Castro's dictatorship.

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1462 Guillermo Ismael Sambra

In 1993 I was sentenced to spend the next 8 years of my life in a Cuban prison. My only crime was to write and distribute propaganda against the Cuban regime, a communist dictatorship that has been in power for the last 54 years. It is controlling the whole nation in every aspect, without permitting the slimmest sign of opposition. In May of 1998, after five years and four months in prison, and thanks to the efforts of Amnesty International, Pope John Paul II and the Government of Canada, I...

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1460-1461 Ismael Sambra

To all those who kept a vertical position facing harassments, tortures and any kind of abuses from the regime against prisoners and the people in the biggest prison of the world that is Cuba; also to those seven political prisoners who, at the end of 1994 risked their lives during 40 days in hunger strike in the Prison of Bouiato, in which my older son Guillermo Sambra participated when he was only 22 years old. We also dedicate it to our friend Marcelo Amelo, who later died in this jail...

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1459 Minh Quoc Tram Read More
1458 Minh Van Ngo, Quang Van Duong and Long Huynh Read More
1457 Dong Ngoc Tran Read More
1452-1456 White Eagle Seniors Club Read More
1451 Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk Read More
1450 ZNP ODDZIAL Mississauga Read More
1449 Polish Gymnastic Association Sokol, Winnipeg Read More
1448 Janina Lorenc Read More
1447 Polish Scouting Association, Mississauga Read More
1446 Frank and Veronica Ramik

In memory of T. Kalmykow

Read More
1445 Association of Gdanskers in Canada Read More
1444 The General W. Sikorski Polish Veterans Association Read More
1443 Andrzej Adamowicz Read More
1442 anonymous

In memory of those victims of communism who cannot speak for themselves.

Read More
1440-1441 Canadian Polish Congress Niagara Branch Read More
1439 Michael Ben Read More
1438 Canadian Polish Congress, Winnipeg Read More
1433-1437 Elizabeth Morgan

In memory of my mother Helena Malinowski

Read More
1428-1432 Margaret Kayser

Edmond and Margaret Kayser

Read More
1423-1427 Ludwik and Izabela Klimkowski

Ludwik and Izabela Klimkowski

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1421-1422 Adrian Matei, Bucharest - Romania

In memory of my beloved mother Ana Maria Ercea, (1929-2005), poetess and librarian, who died with the hope that things would improve in this world of sadness and madness. She was a fearless anti-communist and had struggled for many years to regain our family belongings, confiscated by the communists after the WW2.

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1419-1420 Walter Friesen Read More
1418 Cyril Bagin Read More
1410-1417 Moksha Yoga Scarborough

In memory of Oswaldo Paya-Sardinas
Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas (29 February 1952 – 22 July 2012) was a Cuban political activist. A Roman Catholic, he founded the Christian Liberation Movement in 1987 to oppose the one-party...

Read More
1408-1409 Milda Millers

In memory of my brother's family Deported to Siberia March 1949

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1406-1407 A Group of Vietnamese in Mississauga Read More
1405 Vallija Grauds Read More
1401-1404 Moksha Yoga Scarborough-Sylvie Boutin Read More
1399-1400 Janis Langins

In memory of Andrejs Kalnins, Inmate of Gulag Camp Norilsk (1941-1946)

Read More
1398 Richard Bumstead Read More
1397 Kenneth Greenfield Read More
1396 Dawn McShee and Wilhelmina Sullivan

In honour of our brave and loveable grand- / great grand daughter Athena

Read More
1395 Jaroslaw & Elizabeth Gajewski Read More
1394 Marianna Kremblewski Read More
1393 Janusz Janulewicz Read More
1392 Polish Combatants Association Branch 27 Read More
1391 Kristina Reitmeier Read More
1388-1390 Polish Canadian Club Read More
1387 The Polish Combatants Association of Canada Branch 24 Read More
1386 Helena Malinowski Read More
1385 Anna & Henry Lopinski Read More
1380-1384 Elizabeth Morgan Read More
1379 Dorota Wanczyk Read More
1378 Mieczyslaw Lutczyk Read More
1377 Polish Ursuline Sistera Read More
1376 Canadian Sybirian Association from Oshawa Read More
1375 Ladies Circle "Nadzieja" nr. 20 Read More
1374 Velta Klavins Read More
1373 Erika North Read More
1372 Gunars Dreimanis Read More
1371 Vija & Margers Groskaufmanis Read More
1369-1370 Biruta Adamsons

In memory of those victims of communism who cannot speak for themselves.

Read More
1368 Andrew Ikse Read More
1363-1367 Anu Rehtlane

In memory of Elfriede Oder

Read More
1358-1362 Anu Rehtlane

In memory of Juhan Oder

Read More
1357 Astrid and Valdis Skepasts

In memory of Latvian Victims of Communism. The Latvian deportees, deported to the Gulag by Communists, could not speak for themselves, but we can. People should know the truth.

Read More
1356 Terry Harhay

In memory of the millions of murdered Ukrainian Victims of Communism.

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1346-1355 Kristine Delkus

In honour of Osvald Delkus

Read More
1336-1345 Kristine Delkus

In honour of Elena Delkus

Read More
1335 Michel Kelly-Gagnon

Individual Liberty must never be taken for granted

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1334 Michel Kelly-Gagnon

May the Youth never forget the crimes of communism.

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1325-1333 Lajos and Elizabeth Nagy (Elizabeth, Gizella, Eva) Bela and Gizella Kiss (Robert, Rebecca)

Our story begins in Hungary ...
Poverty. War. Fear. Communism.
We are stripped of safety, freedom, and hope.

Regretfully, we leave our homeland - but with hope renewed.
To Canada.
Safety. Opportunity. Democracy.
We are always grateful for these gifts given to us.

Canada! In the name of our families,
We thank you.

We are proud citizens.

Read More
1324 Adam Bloomer

In memory of Lajos Nagy
Nobody runs from Democracy

Read More
1323 Krystyna Szypowska

This is the story of what happened to my mother and her family. My mother, Julia Siomkajlo Szypowska, was forcibly deported by the Soviets on February 10, 1940 from Eastern Poland to the northern regions of Kazakhstan, on the very border of Siberia. They were awoken in the middle of the night and given less than an hour to be ready to leave their home and all their belongings. She was deported just because she was Polish, and for no other reason. She was deported along with her elderly...

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1313-1322 The Phan Thanh Gian - Doan Thi Diem Alumni Group, Teachers and Friends

In memory of Prof. NGUYEN, DUY XUAN

Read More
1303-1312 The Phan Thanh Gian - Doan Thi Diem Alumni Group, Teachers and Friends

In memory of Dr. Luong Khe PHAN, THANH GIAN

Commemorating the Honorable Phan Thanh...

Read More
1302 Alfs Udris

In memory of my dear wife Astrida
Not all of us leave empty space behind, and footprints for the Future!

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1301 Parama Lithuanian Credit Union Limited in Toronto, Ontario

In memory of those victims that cannot speak for themselves.

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1299-1300 Roy Eappen

Dedicated to DELEG, Tenzin (aka Tenzin Delek Rinpoche)

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1297-1298 Khang Thuy Ha Read More
1296 Mirdza Lejins

In memory of my father Captain Nikolajs Augulis

Read More
1295 Dina Resne

In memory of my dear late father Vilnis, who once was interrogated by the KGB in their offices, for having a forbidden book. They made him choose between saving his family from repression or hand them the book. I am certain he never told me all he had gone through. His name pulls many people's heart strings... I am proud to be his daughter and to feel this connection is important to me.

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1294 George & Suzana Kovacic

In memory of Blessed Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac who steadfastly defended his Catholic faith and his Croatian people against the tyranny of Communism.

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1293 Walter Friesen

Humans seem to be the only mammals that regularly and indiscriminately torture and kill their own species, often for no better reason then that the “others” do not fit into a perceived correct mindset. So it was in the former Soviet Union after the revolution. The target of the killing was the leadership and educational individuals, but to get these there was indiscriminant destruction and many others died as well. My father’s family was not in the group that was being targeted, being...

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1292 Baiba Finlayson

In memory of Karlis Otto Valkovskis of Latvia; my grandfather who was sent to Siberia, and whom I never had the chance to meet.

Read More
1290-1291 John Kuper

My family was ethnically cleansed by the Communist regime in post war Poland from south eastern Poland and forcefully sent to north eastern Poland (previously East Prussia).

Read More
1289 Tui Menning Read More
1288 Anonymous Read More
1286-1287 Ladislav Kovac

Dedicated to Alzbeta Fitmova. In 1948, when communists took power in Czechoslovakia, she was a teacher in a small remote village in current Slovakia. Government ordered all crosses/crucifixes to be removed from the classroom’s wall. However, parents met and insisted on keeping the cross, so she left it on the wall. For this she was imprisoned and kept in very harsh conditions for a gentle woman. She died soon after her release.

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1284-1285 Rene Vermette Read More
1282-1283 Stephen J. Harper

In memory of Horst Woit
Horst Woit, a young boy, snatched his uncle’s jack knife from the kitchen table as he and his mother walked out the door of their home.  They trudged through the snow  and freezing weather toward the Baltic harbor where they boarded a ship named the Wilhelm Gustloff to flee from Nazi Germany while Stalin’s soldiers advanced on the Eastern Front in January 1945. When Alexander Marinesko, commander...

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1281 Dawn McShee & Wilhelmina Sullivan

In memory of our brothers / sons George & Harvey and nephew / grandson Bradley.

Read More
1279 Roy Eappen Read More
1278 Patrick Donnelly Read More
1277 Anne Liis Keelmann

In memory of all Estonians who have suffered under Communism.

Read More
1272-1276 John Heffner Read More
1267-1271 John Weissenberger Read More
1237-1266 Ken Guarisco Read More
1235-1236 Roy Eappen

Dedicated to NYIMA, Gendhun Choekyi

Read More
1234 Kenneth Greenfield Read More
1233 Pages Roumaines, Romanian-Canadian Newspaper

In memory of the Romanian politician Ion Diaconescu, who died on October 11, 2011 at the age of 94, after a life in the service of liberty and democracy.
Born on August 25, 1917, Ion spent 17 years of his life (1947-1964) in Romanian Communist prisons, as one of the leaders of the National Peasant Party (NPP).
After the fall of the Communist regime in 1989, Ion was involved in the reconstruction of his political party and in the democratization process of Romania. In 1995, Ion...

Read More
1232 Lai Nguyen and Tam M T Tran Read More
1231 Nguyen Hoang and Chau Hai Read More
1230 Irena Ezergailis

In memory of my husband Janis.

Read More
1225-1229 Peggy Nash Read More
1224 Mrs. Ngo Thi Thanh and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kham

We would like to express our gratitude to the government and the people of Canada for accepting the Vietnamese boat people refugees into the country. Sincere thanks to Canada, a land of hope that has granted us freedom and the chance to a a new life filled with opportunity. May this memorial remind us and future generations of the hardships of the past, the trials of those who fled over oceans to escape Communism, and of the promise of Canada, the land of refugees.

Read More
1223 Thi Tuoi Phan Family Read More
1222 Kozeta Resuli Read More
1221 Rev. William Gillissie Read More
1219-1220 Rick Bumstead Read More
1218 D. Kirkey and D. Ziedins

In memory of Katrine Subins

Read More
1213-1217 Kentech Automation Read More
1212 Lang Thi Tran Read More
1211 Alide and Talis Forstmanis

In memory of Katie Subins, who passed away July 23, 2011.
During WWII Katie and my mother nursed wounded soldiers in Latvia and later in Germany. After the war Katie emigrated to Canada and my mother to Sweden. I got to know Katie in 1981. We became very good friends and neighbours. Katie was always a very interesting, kind and helpful person. She was always interested in what happened to my family, computers, and in politics here in Canada and around the world.

Read More
1210 Kenneth Greenfield Read More
1205 - 1209 Shane McAllister Read More
1080 - 1204 Latvian Relief Society of Canada

Dedicated to the Latvian military officers in Litene, Latvia, a summer military camp. 200 of these officers were executed in 1941 during the first Soviet occupation, and another 540 Latvian military officers were deported to the Gulag.

Read More
1070 - 1079 German-Canadian Business and Professional Association Read More
1069 Sylvie Forte Read More
1067 - 1068 John T. Huang Professional Corporation Read More
1066 Mr. Loc Le Read More
1065 Anonymous

For the victims of Communism - a system of lies, deceit and death.

Read More
1045 - 1064 Robert Colborne Read More
1044 Maruta Voitkus-Lukins

In memory of refugee from Communism Janis Raimonds Lukins (1931-2007), who contributed to the life of Australia and Canada and helped in the rebirth of Latvia through CESO as a volunteer auditor and teacher.

Read More
1043 Maruta Voitkus-Lukins

To commemorate my having translated Melanja Vanaga's "In-gathering of the Souls, Vol. 7" about her sixteen years as a deportee in Siberia.

Read More
1041 - 1042 Roy Eappen Read More
1039 - 1040 Polish Scouting Association in Canada

In honour of the lives that fought for freedom.

Read More
1034 - 1038 Polish Scouting Association in Canada

In memory of the Victims of the Katyn Massacre
Katyn Massacre,  mass execution of Polish military officers by the Soviet Union during World War II. The discovery of the massacre precipitated the severance of diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and the Polish government-in-exile in London.
After Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union concluded their Nonaggression Pact of 1939 and Germany invaded Poland from the west, Soviet forces occupied...

Read More
1033 Polish Scouting Association in Canada, Hamilton, Ontario

Communism will always be part of our ancestry. Our troop recognizes the need to commemorate the victims of Communism.

Read More
1032 Polish Scouting Association in Canada, Brampton, Ontario

Remember the past and honour those who perished, teach the present and instill hope for the future.

Read More
1031 Polish Scouting Association in Canada, Burlington, Ontario

In remembrance and in honour of all the innocent victims that suffered under Communist rule.

Read More
1021 - 1030 Wayne Cao

In memory of my grand mother To Thi Lan 
My family had terrible experiences with the Communist totalitarian regime and suffered personal losses from the practitioners and followers of Communism ideology. In younger days, I was there and went through these terrible and fearful time periods.
My grandmother died due to the Communist forced collectivization and so-called reforms.
My family lost everything...

Read More
1020 Tuyen Tran Read More
1010-1019 Willi Ristau

To my father, Adolf Ristau.
Willi Ristau’s Story 
My name is Willi Ristau and I am very pleased and quite proud to see a monument being built in Ottawa to recognize the victims of communism. I feel privileged to have this opportunity to share my own experiences in this free country, my adopted homeland Canada. 
Having lived in Waterloo region ever since my emigration in 1957, I am often asked about my nationality to which I...

Read More
1009 John Duncan

In memory and honour of the innocent whose sacrifice paved the road to liberty.

Read More
1007-1008 Dao X. Le Read More
1006 Teresa Pierre Read More
1004-1005 Latvian Catholic Association in Canada

In memory of those victims that cannot speak for themselves.

Read More
1003 Juliusz Stanczak

For our brother, Karol Stanczak, who died in Iran and is resting in Teheran.

Read More
1002 Tadeusz Stanczak

For our baby brother, Janek Stanczak, who died in the U.S.S.R. and is resting in the Siberian taiga of 44 Kvartal.

Read More
1001 Tadeusz Stanczak

For the loss of our father, Antoni Stanczak.

Read More
1000 Leokadia Bortkiewicz

For the loss of our birthplace, state and childhood.

Read More
0995-0999 Latvian Relief Society of Canada - Hamilton Branch Read More
0994 Fr. Jerzy Nowak, C.R., St. Mary's Parish Kitchener Read More
0993 Dang Lu Read More
0992 Nien Binh Tran Read More
0991 Michael Ben Read More
0990 Van-Hai Luu Read More
0989 Ottawa Hungarian Choir Read More
0988 Arija Ringis Read More
0986-0987 Tamara Cernauteanu

In memory of my father, Anton Cernauteanu, and my uncle, Vladimir Cernauteanu, both priests, arrested in Bessarabaia by Soviet soldiers in 1940. No one in my family ever heard from them and even at this time we do not know what happened to them: where they were detained, when and how they died, or if they were ever buried.

Read More
0985 Tamara Cernauteanu

In memory of my brother, Victor Cernauteanu, who died in a sanatorium at the age of 18. He got sick after being chased in the winter cold by Soviet soldiers. At the time he died, he was finishing his studies in order to become a priest, like my father and my uncle.

Read More
0983-0984 Charles Balt Read More
0981-0982 Stephen J. Harper Read More
0971-0980 Peter Kondra

Mykola Nikiforovich Pidlysny was born on February 7th, 1927 in the village of Petrivka, Horodnians’kyj District, Chernihiv Province, Ukraine.The Holodomor was a man-made famine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic between 1932 and 1933. As many as 8 million Ukrainian peasants died of starvation. Mykola was a young boy of 5 and 6 at the time but remembered being extremely hungry.In his memoirs Mykola wrote about this teen years:

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0955-0970 Karlis Ulmanis Memorial Foundation

In memory of Karlis Ulmanis.
Karlis Ulmanis, born in 1877 into a Latvia that was under the yoke of the Russian Empire, was a leader in the fight for Latvian independence in the early part of the 20th century. After the 1917 Russian Revolution, Ulmanis, together with other nationalists, formed a Latvian national council that proclaimed independence in November 1918. Ulmanis was appointed the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia.
He helped establish the new...

Read More
0945-0954 Ingrida Tannis

Egils and Ingrida Tannis.

Read More
0944 Oksana Bashuk Hepburn Read More
0942-0943 Gary Seinen Read More
0941 Baiba Kurens Read More
0940 Michael Lazarowich

To the memory of all the persons in Ukraine who suffered under Communism.

Read More
0938-0939 Jaan Kruus Read More
0928-0937 Nguyen Dat

Nguyen, Dat

Read More
0926-0927 Mrs. Tran Van Kim

In memory of CAO DUC LAP and the other victims of Communist totalitarianism, and the refugees who lost their lives on the sea for freedom.

Read More
0925 Mr. Phu Read More
0924 Minh Ngoc Nhan Read More
0923 Dao Hao Read More
0922 Lan Thi Nguyen Read More
0920-0921 Quang Do-Ky Read More
0919 Tu Trong Nguyen Read More
0918 Viet Hung Doan Read More
0915-0917 Republic of Vietnam Veterans Association of Ontario and Hoi Cuu SVSQ/TB Thu Duc Ontario Read More
0815-0914 Latvian Relief Society of Canada Read More
0814 Gunars Subins

In memory of Bruno Bramanis.

Read More
0812-0813 Dean Leask Read More
0811 Lea Koiv

In memory of the grandparents and uncle I never met, as they were deported from Estonia to Siberia, and met their ends there. It was an undeserved fate, but unfortunately one that many Estonians and others shared.

Read More
0809-0810 Vaike Kulvet

Dedicated to writers.

Read More
0806-0808 Karlis Amandus Vasarajs

In memory of my krustevs (godfather), Amandus Andersons, who was captured in Kurzeme in 1945 and last heard of from the KGB's foul and infamous prison, Lubjanka, in Moscow, and was never to be seen again.

Read More
0805 Robert & Alice Chayka Read More
0804 Maija Adamsons Read More
0803 anonymously

In memory of John Lewinrz.

Read More
0802 anonymously Read More
0752-0801 Latvian Relief Society of Canada Read More
0742-0751 Latvian Relief Society of Canada, Kitchener Waterloo

In honour of Verners Cinis

Read More
0741 Andrzej Caruk

In memory of the 2 million innocent Polish victims of Communism that were transported to Siberia in the early 1940s, on orders from the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Taken abruptly from their homes and travelling in cattle cars under horrendous conditions, they went to far off labour camps. Many of them have no graves to call their own, and it's our moral duty to honour them with a memorial in Ottawa. Communism is a cancerous, God-less system that has perfected the methods of extermination...

Read More
0740 Lia Pikkov

In memory of my cousin, Lembit Tampere, who was deported from Estonia and died in a Russian jail of hunger and disease. Lembit fought in the Finnish army against the Bolsheviks. He returned to Estonia in the summer of 1944 and was arrested in 1945, and passed away March 11, 1949 in Norilski prision camp, Soviet Union.

Read More
0738-0739 Roy Eappen Read More
0737 Kyson Tran Read More
0732-0736 Erast Huculak Read More
0731 A. Krastins Read More
0730 Ovidiu Nicolescu

In memory of my family members persecuted by Communists in Romania, starting in the year 1947: My father Dumitru (1933-2010), who suffered the terror of Communism from an early age; he was beaten right in front of his mother, put out of school, and watched thereafter. And: My grandparents Avram (1896-1990) and Rada (1898-1992), who were deprived of liberty and property; they were beaten, imprisoned, robbed and terrorized. My family went through the Communist ordeal just because my...

Read More
0729 Otilia Tunaru

For my grandfather, Gheorghe, from Albesti, Romania, whose belongings were confiscated by the Communists, along with his dignity and pride as one of the leaders of his village. One Easter day, he lost everything, and lived with this grief for the remainder of his life.

Read More
0728 Vizma Maksins

For Latvia's Freedom.

Read More
0723 - 0727 George Valentin Sarry

I wish to dedicate these thoughts to the memory of my cousin, Dr. Achile Sarry (1919 - 1994), a true patriot and intellectual of high moral integrity. During World War II, he endured terrible ordeals while being held captive for six years in several extermination camps in the Soviet Union. When Achile Sarry returned home to Romania, he was accused, by the ruling Communist regime, of fighting against "the brother from the east," and sentenced to twelve more years of confinement in some of...

Read More
0722 George Rusu

To the victims of Communism from Romania.

Read More
0721 Lazar Dragos

To my grandfather, army officer George Petri, persecuted by the Communists.

Read More
0720 Association Roumaine du Canada

To the Romanians who were oppressed under the Communist regime, including numerous members of the Association Roumaine du Canada.

Read More
0719 Adrian Ardelean

In memory of Elisabeta Rizea.

Read More
0718 Petru Cotnareanu

To Aurel Cotnareanu, died in Communist prisons c.1950.

Read More
0715-0717 Joseph Bota

To my father, Danila, who was presecuted by the Communists.

Read More
0714 Magda Popeanu

To the victims of the Communist regime in Romania.

Read More
0713 Romanian Pages - Pagini Romanesti

To Radu Chesaru, arrested by the Romanian Securitate in October 1989, participant in the Romanian Revolution in December 1989. He killed himself in 2002, after ten years of so-called democracy and freedom in Romania.

Read More
0712 Gunars & Katrine Subins

Dedicated to the thousands of Latvian June 14, 1941 deportees who ended up in the vast Soviet Gulag.

Read More
0711 Dagmara Ziedins Read More
0710 Toomas Marley Read More
0709 Ilze Ezergailis

In honour of Irene and Janis Ezergailis.

Read More
0708 Ukrainian Youth Organization (CYM), Edmonton Read More
0706-0707 Robert Tmej

Dedicated to my parents, Jaroslav and Zdenka Tmej of Toronto. My parents fled their homeland of Czechoslovakia after World War II in the wake of the Communist takeover. While building a new life for themselves in Canada, they continued to support the fight against Communism in Czechoslovakia and other lands. They still work tirelessly to ensure the next generations understand the sacrifices they made, the hardships they endured, and the pain and suffering of those left behind. Canadians...

Read More
0705 Janis & Irene Ezergailis Read More
0704 Vida Jouzaitis

In memory of Antanas Smailys, a Lithuanian patriot, murdered and thrown into a river in Siberia, 1944.

Read More
0703 Kevin Waddell Read More
0702 Bronius Saplys Read More
0701 Alfons Kalns Read More
0534-0700 Vietnamese Community of Toronto Read More
0522-0533 Le Huy Anh - Hurontario Pharmacy

Phan Thi Ut

Read More
0511-0521 Nguyen Tung

Nguyen Tung

Read More
0510 Astride Silis Read More
0509 Herbert & Mirdza Hausmanis Read More
0508 Valda Zobens

In memory of my father, Janis Kalnins, and dedicated to those transported from Riga's railway yard to Siberia in June 1941. As a child, I grew up listening to many war stories and accounts of cruelty, degradation and injustice inflicted on innocent citizens of Latvia by the Soviet Union under Stalin's regime. There is, however, one incident told by my father, Janis Kalnins, that stands out in my mind. The incident happened in Riga's railway yard in June 1941, where at that time my father...

Read More
0507 Kozeta Resuli Read More
0506 Jurij Darewych

In memory of the Rev. Wasyl Matwijejko, priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, perished in the Siberian Gulag c. 1942.

Read More
0505 Biruta Adamsons Read More
0504 Vilis & Elga Dabolins

In memory of Alberts & Lidija Hofmanis, good friends of my (Elga's) parents. They were deported from Latvia in 1941 and died in Siberia.

Read More
0503 Marja Soots Read More
0502 Verners Cinis Read More
0501 Velta Spravniks Read More
0499-0500 Ihor & Valentina Kuryliw Read More
0498 Inara & Guntis Ezers Read More
0497 Valdis & Judite Vagners Read More
0495-0496 Erika & Aleksanders Kalnins Read More
0494 anonymously Read More
0484-0493 Christopher Bloomer

Elizabeth Nagy

Read More
0483 Catalin Coconasu Read More
0482 Glen Herring

Dedicated to Wilf Rudd of Oakville, Ontario, in recognition of eighty years actively fighting for freedom in Canada.

Read More
0479 - 0481 Truong Cong Nghe and a group of Vietnamese refugees Read More
0478 Dao Thi Cam Read More
0477 Dong Ngoc Tran Read More
0472 - 0476 Ernst Friedel Read More
0471 Sigute Zemaitis Read More
0470 Grant Harper Read More
0469 Timothy Egan

In memory of those who sought freedom but never attained it.

Read More
0468 Edvins Snore

Dedicated to Latvian Freedom Fighters Gunars Astra (1931-1988) and Juris Ziemelis (1941-1988).

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0466 - 0467 Alice and Andrea Mrozek

Dedicated to our parents, Michael and Hana Mrozek, who left Czechoslovakia so that we might know freedom and have a better life.

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0456-0465 Saigon Pharmacy - Vo Thanh Tan

In memory of Hoa Tinh Thuong

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0446-0455 Saigon Pharmacy - Vo Thanh Tan

In memory of Vo Thanh Tan

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0436 - 0445 Saigon Pharmacy - Vo Thanh Tan

In memory of my father, Mr. Vo Phu, who died in 1979 at Z.30C re-education camp in Ham Tan, Thuan Hai, Vietnam.

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0435 Phuong Thanh Vu Read More
0432 - 0434 Glen Herring Read More
0430 - 0431 John Huang Read More
0428 - 0429 Marilyn Elliott Read More
0427 Stan Lore Read More
0426 Reid Chamberlain Read More
0425 Mark Milke

My late grandmother arrived from the Soviet Union in the late 1920s, this after her peasant family was first transported around the U.S.S.R., including a stint in Siberia; she and her family were farmer peasants of German stock. Thus, they were undesirable elements, "enemies of the people," is how a devout communist might have put it.

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0423 - 0424 Latvian Relief Society of Canada - St. Catharines Branch Read More
0420 - 0422 Latvian Relief Society of Canada - St. Catharines Branch

In memory of those who never returned.

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0419 Ivar Archer Zemmels

This brick is dedicated to the PEOPLE OF CANADA who took us in, gave us a home and hope for a good life, and LIBERTY, at a time when our countries lay in ruins and our people were enslaved and ravaged by the demonic powers of Communism.

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0417 - 0418 Roy Eappen Read More
0416 Valdemars Zvanitajs

In memory of my father, Antons Nadolskis, who spent 10 years in the Gulag in Siberia for helping people escape from Latvia to Sweden during WWII. He and six other brave men organized small fishing boats to carry refugees and leave at night from the coast of Kurzeme, Latvia to go to Gottland in Sweden. On March 5, 1945, he put my mother, me and my younger brother on a boat and said he would come later, on "the last boat." Before he could do so, he was captured by the Communists and sent to...

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0415 League of Ukrainian Canadians - Edmonton Branch Read More
0414 anonymously Read More
0412 - 0413 Stephen J. Harper Read More
0411 anonymously Read More
0410 Canadian Polish Congress, Hamilton Branch Read More
0405 - 0409 Vallija Grauds Read More
0404 Laszlo Sonkodi Read More
0402 - 0403 Dale Bossert Read More
0401 Henry Lyatsky

In memory of my father, who saved me from life under Communism and gave me a chance at freedom. He taught me to think for myself, see the truth through expedient lies, and know it when people do evil.

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0399 - 0400 Roy Eappen Read More
0389 - 0398 Robert Colborne Read More
0388 Ron and Mary Galagan

In memory of the many murdered victims of Communism.

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0387 John Duncan

Dedicated to James Alan Duncan. "He is a free man."

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0384-0386 Ron Quigley Read More
0334-0383 Canadian Polish Congress Read More
0333 Ferenc Marko

In memory of Palffy Fidel, a victim of totalitarian Communism.

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0332 Wilhelmina Sullivan Read More
0331 Dawn McShee Read More
0330 Alex Atamanenko

Although many in my family both in Russia and in Ukraine suffered under Communism, I would like to dedicate this tribute to my grandfather, Rafael Voetsky. Rev. Rafael Voetsky was a Russian Orthodox military chaplain at the outbreak of the revolution. He was taken at gunpoint from his wife and five children never to be seen from again. My grandmother and her children had to flee her community of Nikolaevsk on the Amur in order to escape a similar fate.

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0329 Taylor Train Read More
0319 – 0328 Guntis and Anita Liepins

In memory of Elfrida Zebauers, nee Braze, and past and current victims of Communism.
Elfrida Zebauers, 1900-1973. Dentist. Starved to death.

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0318 Janis Bilinskis Read More
0317 Roy Eappen Read More
0316 anonymously Read More
0315 Vitezslava Plsek

In memory of my husband, Vlastimil, who spent over 11 years in a Communist concentration camp and was forced to work in uranium mines in Jachymov in what was then Czechoslovakia. I hope that the memorial to victims of totalitarian Communism will also wake up all of those people who still think that Communism is good.

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0314 Homer Keng Soon Read More
0313 Steven Smith Read More
0312 Yushun Wu Read More
0309 – 0311 Roy Eappen Read More
0306 – 0308 anonymously Read More
0226 – 0305 Latvian Relief Society of Canada Read More
0201 – 0225 anonymously Read More
0200 anonymously

To the memory of victims from Latvia.

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0190-0199 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Imants Zigurs

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0180-0189 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Mariss Vetra

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0170-0179 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Viktors Upeslacis

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0160-0169 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Adolfs Svenne

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0150-0159 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Elmars Skobe

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0140-0149 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Janis Preisbergs

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0130-0139 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Janis Norvilis

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0120-0129 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Janis Niedra

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0110-0119 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Talivaldis Kenins

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0100-0109 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Atis Kenins

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0090-0099 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Jazeps Grodnis

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0080-0089 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Markus Gailitis

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0070-0079 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Hugo Celmins

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0060-0069 Latvian National Federation in Canada

In memory of Imants Alksnis

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0050 – 0059 Latvian National Federation in Canada

Mass deportations of Latvians to the Gulag.
To those who were lost on the path of torture in the Soviet Gulag. To the starving men who fell by the roadsides. To the mothers who held their frozen children in their arms. To the children whose souls were gathered by God in the vastness of Siberia. To the heroes who sacrificed their lives so that Latvia would be a free and democratic country. Let the world know the price we have paid for our right to exist as a nation.

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0049 Milan Schiller Read More
0044 – 0048 Latvian Relief Society of Canada, Sudbury Branch Read More
0043 Dong Xin Read More
0042 Sheng Xin Read More
0041 anonymously Read More
0040 James McIntosh

May we never forget the evil inherent in communism.

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0039 Janis & Irene Ezergailis

In memory of Oskars Ezergailis, who was deported to Siberia.

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0038 Robert & Marusia Foster

For the millions of Ukrainians who died in the forced famine, the Holodomor, 1932-33.

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0028 – 0037 anonymously Read More
0025 – 0027 Roy Eappen

In memory of the millions murdered in the name of the evil that is Communism.

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0024 Mara Sava

For the people in communist countries, like Cuba, who are at this very moment in prison for their ideas and wishes for freedom.

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0023 George Sava

For my brother, Titi, who fled Romania in 1986, swimming across the Danube, to seek freedom in the West.

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0022 George Sava

For my father, Leon, who was badly beaten by the Romanian communists in 1962, in order to force him to surrender his land.

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0012-0021 Latvian Relief Society of Canada, Toronto

In memory of Karlis Goppers

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0002 – 0011 Latvian Relief Society of Canada, Toronto Branch

In memory of Ernests Kārlis Bredovskis.
Born in 1906 in Liepaja district, Vaiņode parish.
Arrested in "Trīs-kapčos" in Demene Parish, Ilukste County. November 2, 1940. 
In Demene Parish he worked as a logger.
Imprisoned in Daugavpils Prison.
Transported to Russia.
Detained at Krasnoyarsk Prison No.1. from November 2, 1940 to February 28, 1942, where he also died.

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0001 Carolyn Foster

In honour of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

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