Louise Price
Brick Number: 

In memory of the family of Katherina and Jacob Janzen In the summer of 1931, our great-grandfather Jacob Janzen, his wife Katherina (Pauls) and their sons Heinrich, Wilhelm, Peter and Johann were arrested and banished to a work camp in northern Siberia as part of Stalin’s dekulakization program. Forced to cut trees in the brutal conditions without adequate food or clothing, Jacob, Katherina and sons Heinrich and Wilhelm died in the winter of 32/33 and were buried in a mass grave.  Peter escaped, but was re-arrested in 1938 and never heard from again. Hans, the youngest, survived until 1941. He wrote that he wished he could join his parents. No further word from him ever reached his relatives. The Janzen’s two daughters, Justina and Marie, both survived. Justina’s husband was arrested in 1938 and likely shot and buried in a mass grave; Marie’s husband was sent to a Siberian work camp where he died of pneumonia.The grave sites of Jacob and Katherina Pauls, their sons, and their sons-in-law, are unmarked and unknown. We are thankful for the opportunity of laying a brick to memorialize their lives.