Vera Sluzar-MacIntyre
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These bricks are dedicated in memory of my parents Wolodymyr and Halyna Sluzar, who like scores of other refugees near the end of WW 2, fled the horrors of Soviet communism under Stalin. They came together from different regions of Ukraine, met, found love and married in a German DP Camp. They were fortunate to have found a home in Canada, for which they were forever grateful for accepting them. 
As to the refugees that were repatriated back to the Soviet Union, their fates were sealed with the brutality of the regime. Many stories remain untold, too painful to unearth the past.
These bricks are also dedicated to the many family members who died early deaths, whether from the Holodomor or other Soviet atrocities. And yes, my grandparents who I never met and the grandparents who managed to escape. 
May this memorial honour all their memories and may the past not be repeated.