Janina Aniolczyk
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In memory of the Jan & Karolina Tarczynsky family - Victims of Communism.
- Jan Tarczynski died 1940 (64)
- Karolina Tarczynska (Chudzik)  died  1942 (57)
- Alexander Tarczynski   died 1941 (18)
All three died from starvation in Siberia, after being deported on February 5, 1940 from their family home in Wesolowka near Tarnopol, Poland, today's Ukraine.
Their children: Maria Tarczynski (Uczen), Julian Tarczynski, Honorata Tarczynski (Mikosz), Stanislaw Tarczynski, Stanislawa Tarczynski (Zakrzewski), Boleslaw Tarczynski, Janina Tarczynski (Stankiewicz) survived this brutal deportation.