Olev Maimets
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In memory of my grandfather Enn Urbalu
"My grandfather was taken from his home at Kesk-Luha 2-1 in Tallinn Estonia at 3 a.m. on 1 July 1941 by the KGB. That was the last time he was ever seen. He was 46 years old, married, and the father of two children. His crime was that he had been a lieutenant colonel in the Estonian Army in charge of the battalion stationed at the summer residence of the then President of Estonia, Konstantin Päts. The story, told by survivors, is that he was executed before trial on or about the 1’st of October 1941 in ‘Solikamsk’ (prison camp in UsolyePerm Oblast.), Russia (informally known as the 'White Swan’ prison.)
He is remembered by his daughter Milvi Maimets and her children Olev and Ilo and their families.