Building a Canadian Memorial to the Victims of Communism
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Help us establish the Memorial to the Victims of Communism - Canada, a Land of Refuge.



Learn about the Memorial and its location on land adjacent to the Supreme Court of Canada


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Donate today and help us build a Canadian memorial to the victims of communism


Our mission is to build a Canadian memorial to the victims of communism

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  • The National Memorial to Victims of Communism will be a testament to the courage of all victims of communism who risked everything to reach our borders in the hope of finding freedom, regaining their dignity and building a new future.
    Honourable Shelly Glover
    Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
  • We can be proud, as Canadians, that we opposed totalitarian communism and have provided a land of refuge for so many of those who fled its terrors.
    Elizabeth May MP
    Leader of The Green Party of Canada
  • We, as Canadians, must never forget the pain and suffering entire generations endured under Communist rule, and it is important that we remember the lives of its untold victims.
    Justin Trudeau MP
    Leader of The Liberal Party of Canada
  • Canada has long been a beacon of hope and freedom for those escaping tyranny and oppression
    Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper
    Prime Minister of Canada
  • It will serve as a reminder to all Canadians that glorifying Communist symbols insults the memory of these victims, and that we must never take for granted our core values of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
    Hon. Jason Kenney
    Minister of Employment and Social Development

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Learn more about the Memorial to Victims of Communism - Canada a Land of Refuge and its future location only a few minutes walk west of Parliament Hill.

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