Ann Szegedi & Susan van Loon
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I was so touched by the news that Canada is planning to build a Memorial to Victims of Communism. Our family was one of the many victims, and my husband, two children and I escaped from Hungary in 1956. Canada was so generous to us and helped us get a new start.
My daughter was only ten when we escaped, but all her life she was curious about the events that led us leave our country and become refugees. I wrote notes in Hungarian, as I remembered them, and she decided to put them all in order and write a book. She inherited her talent from her father, who was a writer and newspaper editor. I am so proud of my daughter for putting so much effort and time into writing the book, she spent many hours researching events and the political history of the time communism took over Hungary. The book's title is "Riches to Rags" by Susan Van Loon.