Senator Yonah Martin
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In honour of my father Lee Sung Kim.
Lee Sung Kim, 1932-2007
Lee Sung Kim, born in the northern part of Korea before the Korean war, when there was only one Korea, was the third child of seven siblings. During the war, due to growing hostilities, he and his father (Woo Young Kim) and five of his siblings escaped the onslaught of communist invasion by fleeing south toward Seoul. Tragically, they were forced to leave behind his mother and older sister, who was in her final month of pregnancy. Noone imagined their separation by necessity would be forever, as the 38th parallel ripped apart Korea into two halves upon the signing of the Armistice on Jyly 27, 1953. My father and his family and millions of others are to this day victims of Communism, longing for reunification.