Pham Do Kim
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In memory of my father Do Duc Tho
In Memory of Mr. ĐỔ ĐỨC THỌ
The victim of Communism (1907-1964) - Life Summary
  In 1945, Mr. Đổ worked for the Ha Noi post office. In 1946, the Viet Minh Communist Party put Mr. Do in jail citing that he had the Bachelor of Science majority BS International History and Politics at the University of Marseille, France and worked for the French government. The Viet Minh considered French are their enemies at that time.In 1947, Mr. Do escaped from the Viet Minh jail.
In 1948, Mr. Do was transferred to work in Saigon, South Viet Nam with his family.About eight years before Mr. Do passed away (1964), Mr. Do worked as General Director of the Viet Nam Republic Military Post Office.
Mr. Do frequently expressed that he wishes the South Viet Nam government would have had a big operation to fight in the North of Viet Nam where the communists occupied.
This summary is a collection of Mr. Do‘s four children who are now living in the Canada and the U.S.Mrs. Kim Do represents the family is living in the U.S who edited this summary.