Approval received from the National Capital Commission (NCC) to build the Memorial to the Victims of Communism - Canada, a Land of Refuge in the National Capital Region

"Pathway to Liberty" fundraising campaign is launched

TTL Chair commences a unique 999 fundraising project to raise $1 million for Memorial

Senator Linda Frum and husband Howard Sokolowski host successful TTL fundraising dinner in their home that raises $400,000 for the Memorial

Government of Canada indicates official support for TTL in its October Throne Speech

In Section 3, Putting Canada First, under the heading “2017: Anniversary of Confederation,”
the Memorial was listed as part of the efforts to recognize the 150th  anniversary of

“Canada’s Confederation is worth celebrating. As we approach our historic 150th anniversary
in 2017, our Government will join with Canadians in honouring this momentous milestone
by…Building a Memorial to the Victims of Communism, to remember the millions who
suffered under tyranny…”

Minister of Canadian Heritage, Hon. Mélanie Joly, announces that the Memorial will be located in the Garden of Provinces.

MAY 2017

Minister of Canadian Heritage, Hon. Melanie Joly, announces winner of the design competition "Arc of Memory" created by Team Raff. It is a sculptural array of bronze rods configured into a gigantic arc. The design is intended as a dynamic living calendar that would commemorate moments of suffering and injustice that eventually resolve into reflection and gratitude.

Fall 2017
Site dedication of the Memorial took place November 2, 2017.

June 21, 2018

Memorial design approved for construction by National Capital Commission board of directors.

Fall 2018

Sod turning ceremony took place on November 8, with Min. of Heritage Hon. Pablo Rodriguez and other dignitaries, project supporters attending.

Winter 2019

Finetuning of memorial design technical drawings and preparation of contruction.

Spring and Summer 2019

Continued finetuning of memorial design technical drawings and preparation of contruction.

Fall 2019

Construction start. 

Winter 2021 - Fall 2022

Completion of plinth contruction and landscaping.

Fall 2023

Unveiling of the memorial.