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Juraj Gospodnetic
Juraj Gospodnetic, born in 1907, Postire, island Brac, Croatia. The Reverend Juraj Gospodnetić (January 9, 1910 - July 27, 1941) was a Croatian catholic priest who was tortured and murdered by Chetnics during the Bosansko Grahovo massacre on July 27, 1941, the day that is considered the day of communist uprising in Croatia, then Yugoslavia. Juraj Gospodnetić was born in Postira on the island Brač. After graduating from elementary school in his hometown, he continued secondary education in Sibenik, Croatia. Theological studies he began in Split and finished in Zagreb, all in Croatia. As a deacon he was ordained on April 10, 1938. and as a priest in Zagreb on June 26, 1938. In 1939. he was appointed as parish priest of Bosansko Grahovo, Bosnia. During the Partisan-Chetnik uprising in West Bosnia on July 27, 1941, a group of Chetniks tortured and killed the Reverend Gospodnetić in especially cruel manner: he was roasted alive on the pit and later on his tortured body was brought to his mother.