Brent Howard Cunningham
Brick Number: 

In loving memory of my family and friends from Croatia and Ukraine who suffered under the scourge of communism.
For those family and friends who made the bold and dangerous decision to flee from those lands, I am forever indebted to you.   Your brave and risky sacrifices lead directly to my birth on this soil, and the consequential freedoms I have benefitted from herein. 
For those family and friends who were not as fortunate; those that perished and suffered the ultimate injustices and indignities under communism—the greatest scourge of humanity—your memory is not forgotten.    May your innocence and dignity be restored and may your place on the right side of history be immortalized by this memorial.   
For all victims of communism, living and dead, those from my ancestral homelands and beyond, may this memorial honour your collective memories and testify to your sacrifices. 
May communism across the globe—in all of its manifestations—be permanently relegated to the ash heap of history, where it belongs.
May this memorial stand for All Time.