Ona Stanevicius
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Elena Gedminas-Stanevicius left Kelme, Lithuania, in 1946, with two children under the age of 4 (Alfonsas and Lione).  Her husband Ipolitas and brother Zigmas had left earlier, so she loaded up 2 wagons of belongings with 4 horses, having no idea where she would end up.  After witnessing horrible slaughters of people caught by Communists, she prayerfully reached Germany, where she met up with her husband and brother.  The family lived in Blomberg, Germany for 3 yrs. where another son was born (Antanas).  Alfonsas remembers American soldiers leaving apples for the children in the loft of the German farm.  An American ship took the families to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1949 then on to Montreal and eventually settling in Hamilton, Ontario.