Polish Students Initiative of Canada (PISK)
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In memory of Jerzy Popiełuszko
Also in memory of "the 22,000 Polish officers, policemen and other Polish citizens who died in the Katyń tragedy during spring of 1940"  as well as
"those who were active in the Polish underground, including those in the "Armia Krajowa", also known as "Home Army" during the War, who later fought against Communism and were victims of Communism. These people were known as "Żołnierze wyklęci", in English loosely translating to "cursed soldiers". "
In addition, "all those who died as a result of implementing "stan wojenny", ("martial law" in English) in the 1980's". 
Also, "the students, workers and others who have fought from 1945 until 1989 against Communism" ; these people didn't fight with weapons, but opposed Communism in other ways and were victims of Communism.