Latvian Relief Society of Canada, Toronto Branch
Brick Number: 
00002 – 00011

In memory of Ernests Kārlis Bredovskis.
Born in 1906 in Liepaja district, Vaiņode parish.
Arrested in "Trīs-kapčos" in Demene Parish, Ilukste County. November 2, 1940. 
In Demene Parish he worked as a logger.
Imprisoned in Daugavpils Prison.
Transported to Russia.
Detained at Krasnoyarsk Prison No.1. from November 2, 1940 to February 28, 1942, where he also died.
Rehabilitated in accordance with the Republic of Latvia's Law "On Rehabilitation of Illegally Repressed Persons" on August 3, 1990.