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Marica Stankovic
Born in 1900, Zagreb, Croatia, Marica Stankovic prepared herself thoroughly for teaching profession, was the founder of the first secular institute in Croatia, worked as a teacher in many places all over Croatia, also tried her hand as an editor of the journal  "For faith and home".  She was the first woman in Croatia who in 1942. received very highly recognized medal from Holy Father Pope Pio XII, "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice". She wrote many articles and even a book "Serenity of Youth", well loved amongst the Catholic youth. Her influence amongst the youth was very important during and after the 2.WW.
After the end of the 2. WW she was, just like many others, persecuted because of her Catholic activities and her deep faith. She was arrested in 1947, and six months later at the rigged trial on Jan. 24. and 25,1948. she was sentenced, along with other eight accused, to five years in prison. She served her sentence in the camp at Pozega, prison for women. She was forced to work on very hard jobs, too strenuous for her. Her health was severely disrupted by the extremely harsh treatment in the camp. When she was let out of prison she was forced to live in forced isolation. She died on Oct.8, 1957 in Zagreb.