Christine Dang

Christine Dang presently articles for the Ministry of the Attorney General. Prior to practising law, Christine’s professional background consists of community healthcare policy development for the Department of Public Health, teaching, and crisis counselling for women and children survivors of abuse and sexual crime for the Assaulted Women Hotline, Victim Services and emergency shelters.
Christine is a published author and contributor for several community newspapers and monthly magazines in Canada, France, Australia and the United States. Christine was the first female president of the Vietnamese Community of Greater Toronto. She is co-founder and board member of several community organizations, and initiatives for human rights. In 1994, she represented the Canadian delegation to speak at the United Nations International Conference on Violence Against Women in Geneva, Switzerland.
Her legal advocacy and commitment to social justice, and advancement of human rights have earned her numerous awards: the International Commission of Jurists Award (Canada 2011), the Oxfam/Novib International Pen Freedom of Expression Award (The Hague 2009), Young Woman of Distinction Award (City of Toronto) and others. She was also named in “the Pride of the Vietnamese” encyclopedia, published by the Vietnamese Studies Centre at the General University of Moscow in 1998.
Christine holds a Juris Doctor degree, a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Modern Languages, a teaching certificate, and a diploma in counselling and longterm health care. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese and conversational Chinese. She is a member of Pen Canada and International Commission of Jurists, Ottawa. Her interests include martial arts, photography, painting and writing.