Ovidiu Nicolescu
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In memory of my family members persecuted by Communists in Romania, starting in the year 1947: My father Dumitru (1933-2010), who suffered the terror of Communism from an early age; he was beaten right in front of his mother, put out of school, and watched thereafter. And: My grandparents Avram (1896-1990) and Rada (1898-1992), who were deprived of liberty and property; they were beaten, imprisoned, robbed and terrorized. My family went through the Communist ordeal just because my grandfather had different political views (he was a member of the PNT party - Partidul National Taranesc - and a former mayor of his village in Romania), and had built his wealth through hard work and dedication. He spent several years in jail and forced labour camps. Their faith in God is what kept them going and is also their legacy.