Odyssey of Hope: The Story of a Lithuanian Immigrant's Escape from Communism to Freedom in America and the Return to His Beloved Homeland

Odyssey of Hope is the life story of Joseph Kazickas, a Lithuanian immigrant who found freedom and success in America after a dramatic escape from his country during World War II but never lost his longing and devotion for his beloved homeland.

The Kazickas “journey”—finding courage in the face of danger and home in the world of exile— spans most of the 20th century. It traverses the globe and covers the history of Lithuania from independence in 1918 through the Nazi invasion and 50 years of Russian occupation. When finally, independence was regained in 1991 after the many years he and so many worked to keep the dream alive, Kazickas embarked upon a mission to help bring economic prosperity to democratic Lithuania. (From description on publisher’s web site.)

Kazickas, Joseph
Tyto Alba, 2006