Goli Otok: Hell in the Adriatic

Goli Otok - Hell in the Adriatic is one man's story of life, death, escape, and punishment in post-World War II Yugoslavia. The man was Josip Zoretic and the setting is Goli Otok, the "Naked Island" prison camp in the Adriatic Sea. The story is straightforward and brutally frank in its descriptions of day-to-day life on the island-prison. Alexander Solzhenitsyn gave a similar picture in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich about life in the Gulags of the Soviet Union. This book brings light to the other gulags in the former Yugoslavia and puts to rest once and for all the myth of "Communism with a Human Face." (From description on publisher’s web site.)

Zoretic, Josip
Virtual Book Worm Publishing, 2007