Wayne Cao
Brick Number: 
01021 - 01030

In memory of my grand mother To Thi Lan 
My family had terrible experiences with the Communist totalitarian regime and suffered personal losses from the practitioners and followers of Communism ideology. In younger days, I was there and went through these terrible and fearful time periods.
My grandmother died due to the Communist forced collectivization and so-called reforms.
My family lost everything and became refugees twice to avoid prosecution by the Communist regime. We finally arrived in North America to establish and celebrate our new life in Canada and the U.S. We are delighted to witness the disintegration of the Communist block, and the demise of Communist ideology.
I support the establishment and construction of the Canadian Memorial to Victims of Communism. Not only does this memorial commemorate the millions and millions of victims of Communism, it also reminds people at the present time about the terrible harms to humanity and society done by fanatical social re-engineering ideology and politics.
We all need to learn from the past to make a better present and to project and even better future.