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In memory of Vasyl Dudczak.
Vasyl Dudchak grew up in a village near Tarnopil, Ukraine.   The village had been part of Polish territory from 1919 until the region was taken over by the communist Soviet Union in September, 1939.  Forced collectivization occurred until Nazi Germany invaded in June, 1941.  
Vasyl was transported to Germany to work in a factory, work which proved to be very arduous.    After the close of the war, Vasyl was repatriated but regarded forever with suspicion by the local communist officials because of his time in Germany.  
He and his family suffered discrimination for forty years in terms of denied social benefits and being blocked from many services that citizens might receive.  HIs past became a black mark placed on him and his family, resulting in a life of disadvantage.  
Communism made life a struggle for he and his wife, as well as for their children even up into their adulthood, a situation which lasted all the way up until the fall of communism in 1989.