The Republic of Vietnam Rangers’ General Association
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In memory of Gen. Tran Van Hai                (1925-1975)
 Brigadier General Tran Van Hai was born in 1925 in Go Cong, South Viet Nam. He graduated from the Vietnamese National Military Academy, Class of Seventh (Ngo Quyen), ranked as 1st Lieutenant in 1953.
During 22 years of services in Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces, Lt. Tran had obtained many different and important positions:- In 1960, Captain Tran jointed to the Republic of Viet Nam’s Rangers- In 1965, Major Tran was appointed to the Governor of Phu Yen province and Head of the Phu Yen District.- In 1966, Lt. Colonel Tran was assigned to be the Commander of Republic of Viet Nam Rangers’ Force.- In 1968, Colonel Tran was appointed to be the General Director of the National Police Forces.- In 1972, Brigadier General Tran became the Deputy Commander of the II Corps and Military Zone 2.- In October, 1974 Brigadier General Tran Van Hai was assigned as the Commander of the Republic of Vietnam 7th Infantry Division.On April 30th, 1975 the North Viet Cong broke the peace agreement and invaded the Republic of Viet Nam. General Tran Van Hai did not accept to relinquish to the enemy. He was intentional killing himself in order to protect the soldier’s oath: Fatherland, Honor and Responsibility. General Tran passed away on the 1st day of May in 1975 at the age of 50.